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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update on endometrial ultrasound and G-CSF

I had a vaginal ultrasound yesterday to check for my uterus lining. Not so good news again! After 2 days of 16 mg estrogen (8 progynova tabs) my lining has grown from 6 mm to 6.7 mm. Dr. Malpani suggested that I should have neukine infused into my uterus. Neukine or Filgrastim is nothing but Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor. It is sold under the brand name Neupogen in USA. It is a drug or a cytokine actually sold to prevent decrease in neutrophil count during chemotherapy which causes myelosupression. Decrease in neutrophil counts is called neutropenia and it is accompanied by fever. It causes the patient more prone to infections. Recombinant G-CSF causes a dose-dependent increase in circulating neutrophil counts thus preventing spurious infections in patients receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy. What does G-CSF has to do with endometrial growth? Please visit this Center For Human Reproduction link for further information. Here is the blog post of Dr.Malpani regarding thin endometrium and the use of G-CSF to improve it.

So today I received an infusion of Neukine inside my uterus. Keeping my legs in that evil stirrup is uncomfortable. Dr.Malpani eased my tension by chatting with me. Still no signs of high estrogen in my body but I wish my endometrium responds well to Neukine giving me a nice, plump lining where my embies can snuggle in and start establishing contacts with me. Mumbai is great, I am very happy today. I will update about my Mumbai adventures soon.
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