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Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr!

Today is Dr. Aniruddha Malpani’s birthday. Many more happy returns of the day Dr! May all your dreams and wishes come true! 

Dr.Aniruddha Malpani
I wanted to write a blog post about my doctor and I am happy that I could do it on his special day. When I first decided to go to Dr.Malpani for treatment I am at my wits’end. I had 5 failed IVFs to my credit. My experiences with infertility treatment have made me skeptical. I was emotionally torn apart and I never thought some doctor will be empathetic enough to help me and give me some confidence. I came across information about Malpani Infertility Clinic via internet and contacted Dr.Malpani through e-mail. Dr. Malpani was kind enough to provide e-mail consultations, which he does as a free service. He writes in his website ‘this is a free service I provide as a labour of love (I believe in karma, and feel that by helping you, I am helping myself)'. This attitude and the passion he has for his profession made me to realise that he is very different from many other doctors. As a patient, the ability to contact a wise IVF specialist, who has been in the field of IVF for 20 years and get all my doubts cleared is a blessing. If I mail him I get a reply without fail within the next 24 hours. I got not only intellectual support but also immense emotional support from him. He only introduced me to the serenity prayer. It really helped me many a time to regain my sanity.

I just love his blog. He is a very gifted writer who writes without any pretension. The thoughts come flowing direct from his heart. I like his out-of-the-box thinking and I believe that is what has made him successful in his career. When I feel emotionally down I open some of his blog posts and read it. This changed me as a person. I started to see my infertility struggle in a whole different way. I became a regular reader of his blog and started to write feedbacks. All those writings and his kind appreciations kindled my passion in writing.  When I started to express myself through writing I began to think clearly. This made me more confident. I owe a lot to him and his writings. Thank you very much Dr! Here are a couple of blog posts from him which I like very much : 

Dr.Malpani is a firm believer in information therapy. He dedicates his time and effort for preparing patient education materials and he also runs the world's largest consumer health library HELP, which contains over 10000 books, 10000 brochures and 600 videos. If you visit his website you can find so much information in the form of articles, books and comics regarding IVF and other infertility treatments-all for free of cost!  

I feel very comfortable in his clinic. The staffs are very kind and friendly. It is of no wonder because; if the leadership is good everything else will be good. I could also see the respect his staffs have for him. They always have nice things to say about their boss. One of his staff told me proudly ‘our doctor treats everyone equal’ :)

My journey hasn’t come to a happy ending yet. But it has definitely become better. For the first time in my IVF journey I got 24 eggs collected. The fertilization rate was high too and I got the maximum number of embryos. I had 7 embryos to freeze and I saw blastocyst formation from my embryos for the first time. All this wouldn’t have happened without Dr.Aniruddha Malpani, Dr.Anjali Malpani and their wonderful team.

Now, I am undergoing FET cycle and I know the uncertainty of the process. I may end up getting pregnant or may not. But, I am happy that I am undergoing this emotionally draining process under a skilled physician who really cares to give his best for his patients. Dr. Malpani never ever gave me any false promises. Not even once he said ‘Manju, if you take treatment under me you will have your baby’. I sometimes really wish that he could say it to me. But he is honest enough not to say things which are not under his control. I know that he does his best as a doctor. He is honest, compassionate, empathetic and skilled. He also provides immense emotional support for his patient which is very important during this infertility struggle. Even if I do not end up getting my baby in hand, I will always have the happiness that I had my IVF treatment under a physician who treats his patients with care and respect. 

Thank you Dr! Be happy always! 


  1. Belated wishes to your Doctor..

  2. Dear doctor,

    My friend married past 13 years having problem of conception, now from past 1 year they are under medication of Folic acid for her and her husband the himalaya herbals drugs like tentex ..etc. now from her last LMP date she past 10 days the doctor blood test said its positive but the ultrasound show no fetus or sign of conception ...please advice she is ask to visit again after 3 days please advice if there is possibility of her conceiving /pregnancy.
    Appreciate your advice and help consultant...I want to help her sir.
    Sincerely, Asma Chipa (

  3. Dear Asma,

    I am not a doctor. But, please be patient until the next ultrasound. It is too early to speculate something. Does your friend do a blood pregnancy test ? Ask her to repeat the blood pregnancy test every 48h and see whether pregnancy hormone (beta-hCG) is doubling properly. It is nice to see that you care for your friend. Let me know what happened in the next ultrasound.


  4. who is to be blamed if the xc of eggs failed? is it the clinic and can i sue them for this.

    1. I could understand your frustration and pain. A failed IVF hurts. IVF is not perfect science. After spending so much of money, time and energy there is no guarantee it works. You can't sue an IVF clinic just because your treatment failed. But you can sue them if you find negligence in the medical care you got from them. Did you see your embryos ? Did they provide you a picture of it ? Please write to me: manjupadmasekar@ I can help you understand how you can get the best IVF care.

  5. I did a donor egg IVF from DY Patil (Dr.Hrishikesh Pai, and Dr. Nandita Palshetkar) They never showed the embryos or gave any information Just did 3embryo transfer. No ifo on how many eggs were retrieved nothing.. Pathetic. They do ET like in an assembly line,.. more than 25 patients for ET on a single day..
    Mine did fail but that is not why I am writing but how come there werent any more eggs or embryos to freeze. I lost all my trust in those Drs.. not only this they take all payments by CASH. They didnot give the receipts too on the day we paid. Told us to wait till the results and get the receipts..

    Please donot go to them..

    I did do an IVF with Dr. Malpani he is very caring and good.. That failed but I have no regrets..

  6. The best will come to you Manju - I am glad you found the right doctor - we took treatment for Dr Bharati Dhore Patil in Pune and have a feeling that she has been greedy, money minded and incompetent, these doctor are great marketers and are working for money only - i caution everyone please be aware, be informed and don't be afraid to ask your doctor just as you would ask a plumber or your electrician.

  7. The best will come to you Manju - I am glad you found the right doctor - we took treatment for Dr Bharati Dhore Patil in Pune and have a feeling that she has been greedy, money minded and incompetent, these doctor are great marketers and are working for money only - i caution everyone please be aware, be informed and don't be afraid to ask your doctor just as you would ask a plumber or your electrician.

  8. I am trying TTC for 6 years. Had two unsuccessful IUIs at Dr Vasans in Bangalore. They are totally an incompetent couple who are running Ankur fertility (now Manipal Ankur). Please don't go to them.

  9. Dr. Malpani is very caring and good doctor for ivf treatment .

  10. dr malpani is a good doctor..............

  11. Never go to Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, he has only intention to make money and does not focus on result. I have done three IVF cycle with Dr. Hrishikesh Pai but no result. He will ask you to do laparoscopy (Rs 70000 aprox), hysteroscopy (Rs 40000 aprox) and so many blood test of Husband and wife of Rs 15000-20000 before IVF (Rs 100000 at least without medicine), I got treatment with him from 2008 to 2013 and he earn more than 10 Lacs with me but give me no result.

    In 2014 I went to Indira IVF Udaipur (Rajasthan) and got success in 1st attempt. They charged me only Rs 20000 for IVF and Rs 60000 for Medicine and Rs 1500 1-2 tests.

    I have shared my 10 year experience here now you may decide.


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