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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not a bad news afterall!

Yesterday, I had my ultrasound again, after taking 40 mg of progynova for 3 days. The uterine lining seemed to be good. It is trilaminar and Dr.Anjali said it is not at all bad. She continued saying 'ofcourse it is not super good'. So my endometrium looks average with a thickness of 6.8 and can go upto 7 when measured on a different angle. I am happy. I went expecting the worst (I read somewhere that the thickness can go down also!), so I am actually satisfied. Dr.Anjali spent some of her valuable time giving me some positive stories and some casual girly, girly (Ok, womany, womany! :) talks. I felt so relaxed and happy when I came out. When a doctor vibrates positive energy the patient becomes positive immediately. The power of doctor's words!

Now my progynova dosage has gone up even more. I am taking 64 mg! I am also eating heartily after a long time. I will again have an ultrasound on Friday. I sincerely wish my lining goes up a bit. Of course I am not expecting any dramatic improvement. I will be OK with a trilaminar lining at 7mm. The happiest happening is we are not cancelling the cycle. So, my little ones will come inside me soon. Yet we haven’t decided how many to transfer and whether to do a blast or day 3 ET.  Wish me good luck, I need a lot of it now :)

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