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Friday, June 15, 2012

Mumbai - through my eyes!

One and the Only!


Look at the young one! Sometimes I can't close my eyes in the most comfortable bedding! Lucky fellow!

Blue sky and calm sea! Serene, isn't it?

Another perfect example of serenity! Totally unaffected by the heavy traffic around :)

Gateway of India

Marine Drive

I am constructing my home! :)

I was watching this crow trying to pick up a big twig. Suddenly another crow came, took away the twig which this crow had in its mouth by force and flew away :) I wish the second crow is its partner who just lent a helping hand and not a thief :) Have a happy home and lots of chicks. No home is perfect without youngones!

Mount Mary Church, Bandra

Candles shaped like babies, hands, feet etc. I did buy and keep a baby boy and a baby girl candle figure (twins are great!) at Mother Mary's feet. I will do anything which can bring a sense of happiness to my mom and DH :) If you ask do I believe such prayers ? - I donno! But when I stood in front of Mother Mary my mind is serene and happy.

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