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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not Looking Good!

My endometrium after 48h of G-CSF infusion remains the same at 6.5 mm. It looks trilaminar. I was very disappointed and I am a bundle of negative emotions yesterday. Now I feel it is OK. I beleive everything happens for a reason and hopefully for the good. I will have the next ultrasound on tuesday. Dr.Anjali increased my estrogen dosage from 16 mg to 40 mg. So hopefully we see some improvement by tuesday. If not, I have to decide whether to cancel the cycle, wait for some more time or to go ahead and transfer. My intuition says do an embryo transfer whatever it is! There are studies which did not find any difference in pregnancy rates between thin and thick endometrium. There are studies which talk about the importance of thick endometrium. It will be a a hard decission to take but my heart will break if I have to return with an empty uterus. I do believe that if my embryos are competent enough they will be ok with a thin bedding too ;) Here is the blog post of Dr.Liccardi regarding thin and thick endometrium


  1. Dont worry da.. for all the troubles you are having you will get a baby for sure. May God bless you !!


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