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Friday, June 29, 2012

Embryo Transfer

ET was scheduled to 4 PM today. It’s very hard to explain how I feel. My mom left to my native place yesterday. I feel heartbroken without her presence. DH had a hard time controlling my crying spells. I am in the grip of all sorts of blues now. I am excited and at the same time very scared. The result of all the toil will be out in two weeks. Why can’t someone make me to go into coma for two weeks? When I see my DH I feel very sorry for him. I am solely responsible for all the troubles he endures now. All this uncertainty, tension,travelling…….everything is because of me. I am very lucky to have him in my life. If he is not this understanding what would have happened to me? I feel I have a lot to vent. I am depressed probably because of progesterone. I wish I could go back to work so that I can distract myself. I am also dreading thinking about today and tomorrow. I do not believe in rest after ET but my DH will be very upset if I roam around. I have to lie down or sit all the time without doing anything and that is a big torture!

Inspite of all these thoughts, I feel very happy when I see my blasties. I hope they will wake up from their cold sleep happily without loosing any cells, snuggle within me tight and speak with my not so great endometrium for establishing connections. Let the cross-talk between my blasties and endometrium be successful! If someone reads this post send me some positive vibes. I will be very grateful. I am uploading my blastocyst pictures. Don’t they look beautiful? One day we saw a very cute little girl and I said to my DH ‘our child will look as beautiful as this littleone’. He said, ofcourse yes! Our blastocyts look very beautiful so definitely our child will look beautiful too :) These kind of small, sweet nothing talks, keeps us going!


  1. Beautiful blasts, congratulations. Don't be too hard on yourself, transfer day for me is always super emotional. Try and stay busy these next few weeks, beta testing will be here before you know it.

  2. Your blasts do look beautiful!! I hope the two week wait goes by quickly for you :) It is just creeping by for me! I would also like to go into a coma and wake up with the news ha ha :)

  3. Wow your embroy looks healthy.. hope it will be a success da.. Those 2 weeks are really hard .. i know. try to watch some movies or sleep well..
    miracle will happen :-)
    will call you over the weekend ..

  4. Thank you very much friends :)

  5. Caroline (From Belgium)July 1, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    Dear Manju, I am so happy to have found your blog; I have problems of thin endometrium and I have leanrt a lot from your blog ! Thank you. I cross all my fingers for your transfer !

  6. Dear Caroline,

    Thanks for your comment! Your appreciation will help me to make the blog even better.

  7. Hello Manju,

    I hope all is going well for you and that you remain relax in this waiting period.

    Yes, your blog is excellent ! I have included it in my favorites. Thanks to your blog I learnt about G-CSF and think about changing my diet (I am a bit skinny). And I feel less alone.

    Take care and stay zen! Caroline

  8. Dear Caroline,
    I am happy that my blog is useful to you in someway. I am trying not to obsess and striving hard to stay calm. Thank you very much! Not everyone will come out and say that a blog post helped them-even I haven't many a time. I learned something from you. I have some more things to blog regarding IGF-1 and thin endometrium. I wish you achieve your dreams soon. If you are comfortable, send me your medical problem through e-mail. I will see if we can help each other.

  9. Thank you Manju ! Where can I find your email address?
    Love. Caroline

  10. Caroline, my mail ID is


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