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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I really feel overwhelmed by the love people show. Yesterday, I was asking the hotel employees whether I could get puttu (a kind of rice cake) for breakfast. It is a delicacy from the state of Kerala and I am very fond of it. They said it is not possible to get it from here but one person (he is a keralite!) in that group said that he will get it for me from his home. I thought he is just saying it for that moment and will forget it. When I went down today, for breakfast, he bought a huge box packed with puttu. I couldn’t even say thanks. I am dumbfounded! I ate it to my hearts content. My husband was telling me, ‘Manju, give him some money’. I am reluctant at first but my educated, corrupt mind thought, ‘might be he brought breakfast for me so that he can get some money?’ I feel really sorry for thinking like that. I asked my mom to give a couple of hundred rupees to him; he refused it and left the place. I felt really stupid and hurt. What made me behave like that? Why am I not able to think loving deeds can be done without any ulterior motive? Did my so called intelligence and education made me think like that? Not only me, I have seen this attitude with many rich and educated people too. Why are we so afraid of love and affection? Why are we not graceful enough to receive it without any fear? Why are we not able to reciprocate love with love? Why do we connect a very delicate, beautiful human emotion with money or some other benefit?

Mumbai people are really kind. I am fond of Jamuns (an Indian berry!). Jamuns are my most favourite among fruits and I haven’t had it for 7 long years. Actually I am very lucky to have them this time .I asked in hotel whether anyone could purchase it for me, as the fruit vendors, when they realise that we are not localites, try to sell it to us at an enormous price. The very next day I got a kilo of excellent Jamnuns from a hotel receptionist (from his home perhaps!) and they refuse to take money for that. We are staying in this hotel for a long time now and the person who operates the elevator is very affectionate to my DH. He knew why we are here in Mumbai. He was behind my DH asking for his birthday and his name :) When we could no longer avoid him we gave him the details and the very next day he came and assured us that everything is good and all our wishes will get fulfilled! He obviously knew astrology or took the details to someone who is able to predict our future! (ofcourse we never had gone to astrologer until now and we are least interested to know our future!). So love and affection is in the air in India, especially with people who struggle hard for their everyday life. That is what makes India special. Smile at people and treat them with compassion you get loads of it back! Many people in India are not rich, some are even very poor when money is concerned but they have a rich heart filled with love and affection.

In Germany, people are totally handicapped in giving or receiving love. They always have a motive behind their kind deed and they think that’s the norm! When you try to be kind without expecting anything in return they really doubt whether such a love and affection is even possible. With modernization, education and money-centered life we Indians are also slowly loosing the ability to perceive love as it is! Actually LOVE is the only medicine which can cure all the problems in this world. Let us teach our younger generation to be loving and compassionate rather to be self-cantered and money-minded.

BE KIND ANYWAY! - Mother Teresa

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