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Friday, May 31, 2013

What is a chemical pregnancy ?

Sometimes, the joy of being pregnant can be very short lived. You might get a positive urine pregnancy test, or a positive blood pregnancy test, two weeks after (or even earlier !) your embryo transfer. But, to your agony, the subsequent pregnancy tests you take  might reveal a dropping HCG value ; or your urine pregnancy test may become negative. This is a very hard situation to face because you feel disheartened and cheated. Such a pregnancy, which dissolves quickly, is termed a chemical pregnancy. This means your embryo implanted in your uterine lining , but failed to develop further. This is quite common and occurs because the embryo is not competent enough to grow further. Please do not blame your life-style or other activities for this ! A chemical pregnancy cannot be prevented by any means what so ever - taking extra progesterone,  avoiding certain foods,  avoiding intercourse or taking strict bed rest cannot prevent a chemical pregnancy, so please do not beat up on yourself !


  1. Hi i also wana do infertility tretment in india plz help me

    1., please write to me so that I can guide you better.


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