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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day !

Many women who are struggling to have a baby might view this day as an occasion, which reminds them of their inability to become a mother.  While the rest of the world celebrates motherhood, they suffer from Mother's day blues. See the above picture - did the lady in that picture carry a baby in her womb ? No - but she will always be fondly remembered as "Mother" Teresa. When we think of Mother Teresa, we remember her caring ways; the selfless service she rendered to the poor and needy; the love and compassion she showered on suffering souls; the dedication she showed in the work she did; the sacrifices she did to make this world a better place. It's these qualities which prompted people to call her affectionately as "MOTHER" and not the fact that she had undergone the biological process of giving birth ! Mother's day is a celebration of all the admirable qualities that exist in a living being - LOVE, AFFECTION, DEDICATION, SACRIFICE, COMPASSION, EMPATHY and so on. Actually, going through infertility brings out these sterling qualities which are lying within us. Can you show me an infertile women who doesn't love children, who doesn't care for others suffering, who doesn't reach out to a soul in pain ? Being infertile teaches you empathy – and all of us learn a lot from adversity. Infertile women are usually much more caring – and can reach out to a fellow soul in pain because they are suffering themselves.  The truth is that carrying a baby for 9 months doesn't make anyone a mother - caring does ! Is there anyone else who knows the value of motherhood than we do :) So, my dear friends, have a very Happy Mother's Day ! Every one of us deserves as many Mother's day wishes as any other women ! I will be very happy too if the readers of this blog could reach out to me with their Mother's day greeting.

I love my mother so much - she carried me in her womb, and cares for me until this moment. She is my greatest moral support; she helps me to tackle infertility bravely. She remembers the jokes she reads, and shares them with me whenever we talk over phone. She makes sure to make me happy; hear me laugh; and finds happiness in that.  During childhood, whenever I suffered from fever, she used to wake up several times during night and feel my forehead  to make sure that I am not running high temperature. I still remember the warmth and love I felt in those gentle touches. Other than her daughters, there are many people who call her mother too ! She never failed to reach out to people who are in need; she could easily put herself in their shoes. I learned all the motherly qualities from her, and I am blessed to have her in my life. I love you mom, you are the best !


  1. Well said Manju! Happy Mother's day!

  2. Very nice post, Manju.

  3. Belated HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.....wishes.
    loved this post...its really meaningful and deep :)
    As like you,My Belove MOTHER is also my Life,love her wholeheartly...

    1. Thank you friends ! Ashu, thank you so much !


  4. Ur post is very nice.and ur great human being.I am using my husband's email id so dnt get confused by seeing my email id.mam u found a very good friend in you.I couldnt share with my mom also my feelings bcz she will start crying and stop eating by seeing me in pain.but I can share my feelings with u.thank u mam.

  5. And happy mothers day.... mothers are god in this world


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