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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some FAQs about embryo trasnfer

What if I bleed after the embryo transfer ?

Most embryo transfers are very smooth, and do not create any trauma to your cervix or endometrium, which is why you should not experience bleeding or spotting after an embryo transfer. However, some patients have cervical stenosis (a narrow cervical opening), and if their embryo transfer is technically difficult, there may be bleeding after the transfer. Please do not panic. The blood is not coming from your uterus and your embryos are not affected in any way. The tiny drop of blood is not your embryo. So keep calm and carry on with your everyday activity. If you experience severe bleeding after the transfer please contact your clinic (but this is very unlikely to happen !)

Why did I feel a wet discharge after the embryo tarnsfer ?

During embryo transfer , the doctor cleans your vaginal canal and the cervix with a sterile fluid. When you get up after the embryo transfer you might experience a wet feeling, because this fluid leaks out. Do not panic – this doesn’t mean that your embryos are being washed out ! The fluid that comes out is not from your uterus. Your embryos are transferred inside your uterus in a tiny droplet of culture medium , which cannot flow out – your embryo are safe in your uterus !

Do I need to take any special precautions after the embryo transfer ?

Once your embryos are transferred to your uterus they are safe inside. If they are genetically competent and if your uterus is conducive for implantation, the embryos will implant , no matter what you do ! Stress, food habits, coughing, sneezing, climbing stairs or not taking bed rest will not stop you from conceiving. In short, anything you do during 2ww will not stop you from conceiving . Conversely, nothing you do during the 2ww (like changing food habits, bed rest etc) will help you in conceiving. Do not do something which will cause regrets,  if the cycle does not succeed (for example, if you are going to think - I had a glass of wine , and that is why my IVF cycle failed, then please do not have a glass of wine ! )  Try to have a healthy diet, take your folic acid, continue with your normal, daily activities ; take your prescribed medicines.
Nothing you do can harm your embryos. Please do not let your mind play games with you. Read more at

Can I fly home straight after embryo transfer ?

Yes, you can travel immediately after embryo transfer. Air travel or any other mode of transport has not been shown to affect embryo implantation , and it will not affect your chances of achieving a pregnancy. Take measures to make yourself comfortable during air travel – keep yourself well-hydrated and move frequently to enable proper blood circulation.


  1. Thank you, you answered my question about the wet discharge after the embryo transfer

  2. Hi Manju,

    I was reading your blog and it has really helped me as i feel that there are others who are going thru/feeling the same that i am. This is my fourth ivf..( one fresh and remaining have been FET) . My transfer is done under general anesthesia as i have lot of pain and bleeding otherwise. My first question is that is there any negative point in the fact that my transfer. Is under the anesthesia or the effect is the same.
    2. I have changed my doc and my prev doc usedto give me saline before the ET so that i had a full bladder. But this on did not. I have read everywhere that during ET the bladder should be full. Do i have a disadvantage becoz of that?
    3. I have a habit of sleeping on my stomach but after ET i am very careful but sometimes when i get up i realized i have been sleeping on my stomach. I take a lot of stress due to which i am unable to have a good sleep. Pls let me know if sleeping on the stomach can be of any harm or not.

    Thanks and hope to hear soon from you

    1. Dear Dee,

      I need more information - how old are you ? What is the reason for IVF ? How many eggs were retrieved from you everytime ? How many embryos ? What are their grades ? Do you have pictures of your embies ?

      You have cervical stenosis and hence the pain and bleeding. Transfer of embryo is a very crucial step. A good , traumaless transfer is important. Have you heard of ZIFT ? Are your fallopian tubes open ? Instead of transferring the embryos through your cervix, they transfer day 1 embryo into your fallopian tube during ZIFT. This can help you in achieving success. Talk to your doctor. Read about embryo transfer in my blog.

      Stress and sleeping on your stomach will not affect the outcome of an IVF cycle.



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