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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Even though I had a perfect IVF cycle , it failed ! What might be the reason ?

This is a million dollar question and unfortunately no one knows the answer ! If someone finds an answer for this question , the heartbreak of both infertile couples and IVF specialists will end. As of now the only explanation available is – it’s possible that the embryos are not genetically competent, which is why they failed to implant. Even the most beautiful looking embryos can be genetically abnormal. So when your doctor says that your embryos looked good, it is analogous to guessing a person’s real potential to do some work based on his appearance. Looks can be deceiving! As of now, microscopic morphological grading is the only method used to select embryos in many clinics around the world and this technique of selecting embryos form a cohort of embryos is not fool-proof. If you are young and produce decent number of embryos, you have a very good chance of achieving a pregnancy with further IVF cycles. Remember, 60% of women get pregnant with 3 IVF cycles. Unfortunately as of now there is no solid answer for this question “why did my IVF cycle fail ?”.

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