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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Will my symptoms during the 2ww tell me whether I am pregnant or not ?

During the 2ww it is very natural to wonder about the fate of the embryos which are transferred to the uterus. Every woman who has had an embryo transfer longs to know the outcome of her IVF cycle.  Every minute of the 2ww lasts an hour – and the 2ww is the longest wait for any woman who has undergone IVF.

When going through the 2ww, women become aware of even the slightest change that happens to their body. “ I am feeling warmer than usual; I have a tingling feeling in my breast; my nipples are sore; I could sense a muscle being pulled in my pelvic region; I have a strange vaginal discharge; I urinate frequently; I feel nauseous – does this mean I am pregnant ?” This is the question that lingers in the mind of every woman – whether they explicitly acknowledge it or not . This can be made worse by a worried spouse who solicitously asks every day – How are you feeling ? Many women constantly surf the web to read about the 2ww symptoms of women who got pregnant after an embryo transfer. Although this can make the 2ww interesting , and can help some women to cope with it, many women start to panic too when they do not experience any symptoms . Others start imagining that they are pregnant of if they have any of the about symptoms. Are there really any symptoms which could tell you whether you are pregnant or not , before taking a pregnancy test ?

Sadly , the answer is no. While every woman is different, the reality is that your body cannot provide you with any clue during the 2ww which could tell you whether you are pregnant or not . Women who do not have any symptoms at all find they are pregnant – while women who experience all the symptoms can end up getting a negative pregnancy test. During the 2ww, your body is under the influence of the two most important sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone.  These sex hormones have an influence on many of your body functions. Because of excess progesterone, your body becomes warmer than usual; your digestive system become sluggish and you can suffer from constipation; water accumulates in your tissues leading to sore breasts and nipples; you might have low-back pain, cramps and so on. High estrogen can make you nauseous; can cause breast pain; and might make you sensitive to smells. So the symptoms you experience during 2ww are only due to the high levels of these hormones, which is why they are so similar to the symptoms of PMS ( premenstrual syndrome) . The only proof whether you are pregnant or not is a positive blood pregnancy test.


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