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Monday, June 3, 2013

How can I increase my AMH levels ?

AMH is a hormone which is produced by your antral follicles. If you have more antral follicles , this means that you have good ovarian reserve and the yield of eggs during your IVF cycle is likely to be high too. Since antral follicles secrete AMH; the more the number of antral follicles , the higher will be your AMH levels. This is why AMH provides an indirect measure of your ovarian reserve. Many women tend to think that since their AMH level is low , their ovarian reserve is poor , but the truth is other way around – it is because of your poor ovarian reserve that you have low AMH levels. The AMH is just a diagnostic marker of ovarian function . This is why just increasing your AMH will not increase  your ovarian reserve. If increasing ovarian reserve was that easy, many biotech companies would have made a huge profit by manufacturing AMH ! 

When you check your AMH,  do so in a reputed lab. If your AMH comes back low , please to ask your doctor to repeat it again from another lab; and to also do an antral follicle count between day 2-day 5 of your cycle. If you have enough antral follicles and your AMH value is low, then this reading perhaps could be because of some lab error. But if you have a low AFC and your AMH is low too, then the diagnosis can be pretty clear – you have poor ovarian reserve! 

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  1. Low Vitamin D mean Low AMH

    As age advance AMH level comes down because Vitamin D level comes down in females


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