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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A quick update ! When going gets tough ...

I will be having a FET on June 29th, exactly one year after my previous FET. Until previous December, we didn't have holidays; and my attempts to grow my endometrial lining to decent thickness from the beginning of this year failed miserably. My lining would halt at 6.5 mm everytime ! I didn't try anythingelse other than progynova (different doses !). Went in for a hysteroscopy, a month ago, during a dummy FET cycle. Uterus is fine - no problems were detected ! My endometrial lining expressed estrogen and progesterone receptors as it should. There was no infection or malignancy ! During the dummy cycle, exactly one week after my hysteroscopy, my lining was only 4mm. I started progesterone and within 4 days it grew to 8mm. I didn't know lining grows after progesterone support ! Might be I am very unusual in all ways :) ! The speculation is, it is not the actual proliferation of endometrium but just an increase in thickenss of individual cells (change from proliferative to secretory endometrium) after progesterone support. But can it thicken 4 mm ! The happenings are very confusing, and there are no reasonable answers. This cycle I decided not to take more than 4 tabs of progynova (estrogen tablets), whatever may come ! My lining seems to be around 7mm ! Not the best. But we have decided to go for ET. This is the story from my side. I don't know when I will update my blog again. I have promised my DH that I will not sit in front of computer (he feels that I am stressed out because of writing !). I will definitely miss my blog, but I should respect my DH's view too, afterall he goes through a lot of struggle because of me. I will miss writing - it gives me so much solace ! When I start writing again, I would like to make a post about endometrium ! I learned a lot ofcourse ! Please do wish me good luck ! Thank you for all your love and support !


  1. All the best!!!

  2. Dear manju
    I will pray for you daily. I wish all the best for you.
    pankaj khatak

  3. My prayers are with you Manju....I hope this FET is a success and you soon have a family you've been wishing for all this while. Prayers for your husband too....

  4. Hey Manju!

    Sorry I'm seeing this a bit late.

    Wish you all the very best with the FET! Sending you lots of positive thoughts and thinking of you.


  5. Dear Ma'm
    Wishing you all the good luck from core of my heart,be brave,stay blessed !

    1. Thanks Ashu ! I know you will wish me and I actually expected it.

  6. Good luck Manju. I hope you grow a nice and thick lining.

  7. All the best Manju! Will wait for your update with the best news :)

  8. My best(est) wishes with you dear.


  9. I'm so happy for you Manju. Praying for you each day..


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