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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A love story !

I have a friend. I met him during a summer evening when I used to go for walks. He is so smart and cute. I started to like him the moment I saw him. I think it is the same with him too. I wanted to go near him, feel the warmth of his closeness. I used to long for his proximity. But I am afraid of my DH. Whenever I went alone, without DH, I got the courage to go near him. The beauty is, he used to come too when no one is near me. As our relationship grew, we became closer. It felt so good to touch him; to pour my love through my hands. He too loved the warmth in my hands and in my voice. When I run my hands through his hair, it is a moment of bliss for both of us. I used to talk in my mother tongue but he is a German ! Language was never a problem for us. Do we need a language to express love ? Isn't eye contact and a warm touch more than enough ? Even when his family members are around, he comes to me when he sees me. They used to watch it with surprise. They heard me talk to him in my mother tongue. An elderly person from his family came out and talked to me. He said, I am very happy that he likes you so much. Just your voice is enough to make him come running for you, this is really strange, what are you talking to him ? :) I just gave a smile in return - can love be explained ?

This summer came. I went for walks avoiding DH intentionally. My eyes searched for him all the time but no sign of him. I wanted to ask his family members but I am a bit shy and a bit afraid. Today, I was riding a bicycle. Naturally, when I crossed his home my eyes searched for him. My heart longed to see him. I wanted to tell him that I am going to India for FET. I thought, if I see him today everything will be fine with my FET. Yes, irrational but isn't everything rational when in love ? Suddenly, I spotted him in his garden. I can't explain my joy in words. I just stopped the bicycle; some lady was sitting in the garden with him. I didn't mind, I called him. He looked at me and came running. I just hugged him, caressed his hair, but as I ran my hand through his body, I was shocked. He was not the same person I knew, the softness of his body was gone. Why is he like this - reduced to bones ! I could feel something is wrong. He had cough too. I looked at that lady, she said, he is not well for some time now. He had an infection, and his kidneys are no more working. I could feel my heart sink. My eyes showed my heart's pain. He just lay down allowing me to feel him. He really enjoyed it closing his eyes. I donno what kind of pain he is going through. His love for me didn't reduce a bit even when he is in extreme suffering. I really wished I could take away his pain.

My husband came and looked at me angrily, 'do you want to complicate our situation even more,' - that was the question in his eyes. I understood it. I do not want to hurt my DH too. But my heart longed to be near my friend who is in pain. I just said bye to my friend with tears in my eyes. On the way home my hubby said, wash your hands properly. I couldn't say a word, I just nodded my head affirmatively. My heart was heavy thinking about my friend's situation !

My husband loves me a lot. But the relationship I had with my friend is very special. We loved each other without any strings attached - just for the joy of love ! It gave us both so much happiness. The moment we spent together will always be there in my mind. Who said 'puppy love' is not a true one, and it will vanish. No love will go away forever, every pleasant feeling will stay for life. The only difference is - what I had is not 'puppy love' but 'cat love', yes my friend is a CAT ! Yet the love we shared is special and brought me so much happiness, I hope it's the same for him too !


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