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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Easy Breezy 2WW

A view of Mumbai from the hotel we stayed (Photo courtesy: Virender)

We entered the most exciting yet dreaded part of an IVF cycle - the 2ww! Surprisingly it felt good, I was happy that I got one more chance to enjoy the thrill of a two week wait. Rajender was adamant that we must stay in Mumbai for five more days. I told him that it would be very expensive to stay back but he said, "we are together on our own after long, long time, we have spent a lot until now, what will happen if we spend a bit more?" True, after coming to India we were either in his home or in my home. Even worse, the last couple of weeks I was in Madurai and he was with his parents. We did miss our togetherness without any interference. So, we stayed back. Five days just flew by. We used get up late, have breakfast, troddle around the hotel area, do window shopping, drink tender coconuts, go back to our room, sleep. I also got to eat lots of Jamuns, one of my favourite berries! It is a seasonal fruit and I was lucky to have them everyday. In the evening he would take me to a nearby small restaurant, I would taste different chaat items (an assorted savoury snack) each day, while he would sit and watch me devour it with a cup of tea. He is such a picky eater. He wouldn't touch any food he is not familiar with (even if it is presented to him in the most tempting manner). New food and new tastes never pleases him. I, on the other hand, will never say no to new food varieties; I could taste and even enjoy them all. The agreement between us is, I can eat whatever I would like to, but I must not force him to have it :) He is not greedy for food or for anything else in his life. This attitude of him has made my life much peaceful, pleasant and enjoyable. 

In the hotel, where we stayed, everyone knows us; they even know the reason for our visit. We stay in the same hotel during each of our visit. Everyone there is very friendly. They try their level best to keep our spirits high. This time everyone were saying, "The room you stay now is a very lucky one, for sure you will come with your little one next time". The most beautiful place in that hotel is the terrace restaurant. They have aptly named it as serenity restaurant and the view of Mumbai from there, during night, will be so beautiful. You do feel serene when you sit there for some time.

After five days of stay in Mumbai, we were gettig ready to leave to the airport. It was early morning and I was brushing my teeth. When I touched the inner corners of the mouth with my brush, I gagged violently. Rajender came and peeked inside. What happened was the question in his eyes. This gagging sound, when I brush, was very familiar to him. I gagged when brushing teeth all the five months of my pregnancy with our twins. He got to hear it every day, every morning. We both looked at each other but we dared not to talk about it. I knew what he was thinking and he knew my thoughts too. Then, I was trying to wear a new top which I brought there a week before and it didn't fit me quite nicely as it fitted the day when I brought it. I was quite frustrated. We got ready, went to the airport, and boarded the flight to Madurai. I sat and tried to fasten the seat belt. I looked at my tummy and was shocked! It looked as if I was three months pregnant. Slowly I touched it, it was hard. I remembered that I decided not to take cabergoline, a prolactin suppressing pill, which was prescribed in the clinic to prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Rajender told me several times to have it. Dr. Anjali asked me too whether I was taking it after egg collection. But, my stand was that, it makes me depressed and even more I have gone through 6 IVFs and I never suffered OHSS once. So, I decided not to take it!  I regretted my decision. Am I developing OHSS ? I was scared.

We reached Madurai. I was so happy to meet my mom again. On that day night, I had a dream, an erotic dream. I woke up being close to an orgasm. I touched my lower abdomen - is my uterus contracting was the immediate question in my mind. This has happened to me now a few times. It happens during 2ww (when you are on hormones after IVF) or during pregnancy and never on other times. In short, it happens when you are afraid to have sex or orgasm. Is it due to all the hormones we take, or due to long abstinence from sex? Is it our body's way of saying that we are in need of increased blood supply to uterus and hence it coaxes our brain to produce images which ultimately leads to an orgasm? Then, does it mean orgasms are actually beneficial and are we avoiding them? I would be happy if someone could share their experience - does an orgasm in 2ww lead to your BFP? 

Seven days after my transfer I couldn't bear the suspense anymore. I just want to do a pregnancy test and move on. It was becoming unbearable. During all my previous 2ww I got the nerves not to test early. I never tested until 12 days after transfer. But, this 2ww was killing me. I just want the suspense to end so that I could plan further. The thought that I have 6 frozen blastocysts, and the possibility of transferring them to Rita did give me some peace of mind; after all, I have a plan B! So I decided to test on 7dp5dt. Dr told me to buy two different brands of home pregnancy tests to be sure. In the morning I collected urine, added few drops of it to the test kit. I and Rajender held our hands and waited anxiously. And ...


  1. I did O in my sleep when I was about 8 weeks pregnant. It was more intense than anything I'd experienced, and it even made me bleed... it was horrifying, but harmless. I can't wait for your update!

  2. Hey Manju, i m praying to hear a positive. Please dont keep the suspense for long time. :)

  3. I know its a bfp!

  4. The orgasm part, I have felt the same. I would also like to know the reason behind it.

  5. POSITIVE!!!
    I tested mine on day 5 and it's positive. Enjoy your pregnancy darling. xxx

  6. Can't wait for your update. Hoping for great news from you. Have been following your blog for a while and would love nothing more than a great result for you.

  7. Come on Manju, its your turn now. We know that it is positive.
    Update us soon. God bless.

  8. My clinic said I was allowed to return to normal sexual activity. We did, and I know I had at least one orgasm before the positive pregnancy test. No erotic dreams though.


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