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Friday, May 27, 2016

You will never get pregnant - a story with a happy ending !

This email I received in 2012 :
  " I just read your write-up through DR Malpani's website.I Must say you inspired me alot.I am in  the same boat as you and i feel my boat is just sinking but i still await that i might reach the shore one day and get rescued.
  Well my name is A and i went through IVF twice but both times it got cancelled as my ovaries did not stimulate with the drugs.It was a painful scar on me that i still didnt loose hope and the words i heard from the doctors was its all we could do and now leave it on nature,We cant do anything more then what we did.Those words were like a gunshot to my heart.I dont blame them they spoke the truth but i balme my husband as he says it in a worst manner.YOU CAN NEVER GET PREGNANT.That kills me everytime i hear that.
   Our Asian culture is so naive that my mother inlaw is looking for another girl for my husband as they know i wont get pregnant so yeah my scar will never heal with all the negativity around me.But one thing i thank myself that i stook up again to fight the world and i do speak the truth to all that we tried IVF but failed and i leave it on mother nature if its meant to be it shall be.If not i guess its best for me.
    The only thing that hurts me is i just adore kids since i was a kid myself,I always baby sat and loved kids till today.I graduated from med school and wished to be in Peds as my speciality,which i still dream i shall be one day.But yes one thing i can say my life has changed after the IVFs and i still have hope but not sure abt my relationship with hubby nor inlaws but i know one day i shall be a mum and i know deep down i will.I hope the same for you.I love reading your mails.Thanks for the experiences ".
And her email yesterday :
" I gave up on every treatment and was told I won't be able to concieve. I moved on with life. And after three years of stopping treatment. I had gained a lot of weight due to stress and depression. I  started the gym and excercised a lot. Everyday 2hrs and 7 days a week. My menstrual cycles stopped for three months and all tests were negative. My doctor said to cut down the work out. And I did and later on found out I was pregnant. It was a miracle. I had a healthy baby boy and a normal delivery. He is 2years old now. I can only thank God to help me and now my marriage is safe and we are finally happy. The inlaws aren't and will never be bit who cares about them. 
We are trying for a second one now but unfortunately it's not happening and my menstrual cycles have become very irregular. So it's a little stressful. But if it happens well and good, if not I can thank God for giving me the best gift in the world ".
Hopefully , stories like this , provide many of you strength to carry on.
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