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Monday, May 23, 2016

Endogel to clear endometriosis tissue in uterus !

Questions # 3
Hope you and your baby are fine,I have been reading your postings on IVF so encouraging,I have had three fa
iled cycles,am now preparing for the forth one,my doctor told me I have endometriosis tissues in my uterus,that has been made it impossible for my babies to implant,so I was given Endogel to have them cleared,can this increase the chances of becoming pregnant,am so depressed I surely don't know what to expect next.....               
both my tubes are blocked that's why I opted for IVF am turning 37 years this year, first cycle I had 15 eggs13 fertilized, en two were put back, my lining was 12mm, the second cycle were frozen embryo 2, en the third one was the the fresh one, I only had 4 embryos due to some problems with the last injection that helps the the eggs to mature, it was given very late after the due time, so only one develop en it was a grade A, so I have decided to change the I did hysteroscopy with him and he found that I had some tissus in the uterus, so they had to cut them, then the following day I went in for Endogel, in the night I developed serious running stomach just for few minutes, there after I started my periods, they were so heavy for 8 days same flow, after periods I had some creamish discharge for almost  one month,en now everything has become normal and my vaginal discharge is 100% normal, now I have even started ovulating before I never used to........  I actually paid $1000 for the Endogel
Answer :
I have come across this Endo Gel query many a time now ( especially from many African women ! ) I don't understand how Endo Gel can dissolve endometriosis tissue in the uterus ! I feel so sorry for women who are taken for a ride by their IVF doctor. An IVF doctor is a person whom patients trust and handover the responsibility of making their most desired baby dream come true. I feel disgusted when such doctors use their patients' ignorance to make money. It is the utmost responsibility of every IVF patient to read and keep themselves well -informed about infertility treatments , if not , they are in danger of losing their money , health and eventually their baby dream , too.
Let me explain : Endometrium is the tissue that grows in your uterine cavity -  it is the lining of the uterus where your embryo implants. Imagine it as a bedding for your embryo. Endometriosis is a disease where your uterus lining ( endometrium ) grows in places where it is not meant to grow. For example , it can grow in your pelvic cavity , in the organs present in  pelvic cavity , and even in the brain ( very rarely ) . Endometriosis of uterus , that is , when endometrium that lines the uterine cavity grows into the muscular wall of the uterus it is called adenomyosis. Adenomyosis may or may not cause infertility.
Endo Gel is a derivative of hyaluronic acid In surgical medicine , it is used to prevent  adhesion from forming between different tissues or organs.  For example , if you are having a surgery to remove emdometriosis tissue grown in your pelvic region , there is a possibility that the surgery can itself lead to the formation of new adhesions between your pelvic organs during wound healing.  In order to prevent them from adhering to each other ( to stick to each other ) , Endo Gel is applied immediately after surgery.
Endo Gel cannot dissolve endometriosis tissue - it is used to prevent de novo adhesions from forming after abdomino - pelvic surgeries.
As per the above email , the doctor has performed hysteroscopy and done some surgical procedure on her uterus. The next day , he had applied endogel and informed her that the gel will dissolve endometriosis tissue in her uterus. Because of the rhyming between the words endometriosis and endogel , the poor patient believes that endogel will dissolve her endometriosis and all will be well soon ,  so that she can conceive. She had paid a hefty fee for the same - how sad !
This is exactly why  patients must stay well - informed about their treatment. Please stop believing all that your doctor says , blindly !  Seek second opinion ( or multiple opinions ) whenever you are asked to do costly tests , or before undergoing any invasive surgical therapy. Hysteroscopy can actually do much harm when done without any proper indication - it can even damage your uterus , permanently !
If you want to win over infertility , the first thing one had to do is to seek knowledge. Knowledge is power !

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