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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What secondary infertility does to you ?

" Well this month also I have not conceived as I got my periods today:-) Not sure how to react. reading your blog has given me strength and I think I should  be thankful to God that he has anyway blessed me. I know there are so many women fighting Infertility bravely.
I am so blessed that when I go home I can hold my daughter close to me and I feel solace when she call me Mamma. At times I tell her call me Mamma again and again and I feel so happy. I know I am sounding absurd but I know the importance now , for which I never valued.
I really feel I am still fortunate, yes I wanted to have 2 kids and when I started I never knew this would come so long and I will  face issues.
Thanks for making so many people feel better and happy. Love to you and Anisha.  Anisha's smile is therapeutic. God bless her truly."

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