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Friday, October 25, 2013

Let us try our best, if not let nature take its course.....

This what doctors told us. My cervix is dilated and my membrane is bulging in. I am on tocolytic drug, strictly bed ridden, only bed pans allowed. I am really not in a good situation, might be all will end ! Only prayers can do miracles. I won't be able to reply mails or comments. My hands are shivering, my heart racing because of tocolytic. Sorry, I can't type anymore. If there is no prmature labour I will have a cetclage on Monday. Pray for my little ones ! Sorry, if I am pulling you along with my uncertainity. I don't need pity please, just some cheering up, so that I can be happy amidst all this !


  1. stop writing for awhile i mean well ....u will be absolutely fine and so will ur two muchkins...its tough now but it wil be worth all the pain u go through when u have them in ur absolutely positive read shopoholic and baby it wil help keeping ur mind away from neg thought if any or fears....wil pray ur babies are ok hang in there

  2. Be strong ! Insha Allah It'll be fine ! :)

  3. Ohhh Manju...i wish I could just bear hug you right now. Your babies are doing great and are blissfully unaware of whats happening on the outside. I wish you too would have had the same bliss... My scriptures say " Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you"...believe in those words dear...our God is a good god....and Monday will be here and my family are constantly praying for you Manju.

  4. Manju
    I am thinking of you and praying that you will have strength for your journey.


  5. Praying for you and your little ones that you will all be safe .. Hugs

  6. Dearest Manju,everything will be fine.I'm praying very strongly for you and your little ones.You have stayed optimistic so long, remain so for a few more months.

  7. manju, just hang in there! We all are praying for you...I am sure you and your little one will be safe. May God bless your family!

  8. Dear Manju,
    Please be strong and positive. Really really hoping and praying that all will be well for you and your babies.
    Take care,

  9. All will be well~!!! Stay in there for as long as you can little ones...

  10. Dear Manju,

    Trust HIM .. All WILL be fine.
    Sending you all the LOVE and HUGS.


  11. Hi Manju! Hang in there and be strong ^___^ You're a fighter, yes you are!



  12. dear manju...
    you are very strong...everything will be fine soon. we all (Aarush also!) will pray for you

  13. Heartfelt Prayers are Always there for you and your sweet little ones,Stay Blessed !


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