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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have failed IVF repeatedly, what should I do ?

You can do five things :
  • Change your IVF clinic
  • Change the egg
  • Change the uterus
  • Change the sperm
  • Change the embryo
Unfortunately, there are no clear answers for most failed IVFs. If you have undergone multiple failed IVFs , these are the options you have in front of you :
  • If you are a woman of advanced maternal age or with premature ovarian failure, it would be reasonable to try IVF with donor eggs from a young woman. In most cases this will solve the problem.
  • If you are young and have still encountered several failed IVFs, try changing the clinic. However, make sure the doctor does not mechanically repeat the same treatment
  • If you are obese and have metabolic disorders like PCOD or diabetes, try reducing your weight and keep your insulin and glucose levels under control and try again.
  • If the above solutions do not solve your problem , then you can consider surrogacy.
  • If fertilisation is occurring, then using donor sperm is unlikely to help, because 90% of the genetic abnormalities which prevent embryo development and implantation are found to arise from the egg , and not from the sperm.
  • If you are unsure whether there is problem with your egg or your husband’s sperm , you can opt for donor embryos.
There is no explanation why IVF does not work for some women. Be open to different treatment options (like donor eggs or surrogacy); and if not, then have a plan B (like adoption or child-free living). Never start an IVF cycle with the notion that I will succeed. It is wiser  to start with the question “What will I do if my IVF cycle does not succeed ?”. Having such a mind-set will help you to remain resilient and sane.


  1. Going through IVF or any other kind of infertility treatment can be completely harrowing and at times heartbreaking. Sometimes the best thing to get you through the heartbreak is a story of someone else's success. With that said, please let these IVF stories inspire you to keep trying until you get the child you've been dreaming of.

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  2. While all the things above are definitely things you can do, if this is your first failed ivf you might want to consider some less drastic measures. I know I personally began to eat a strict all natural diet and took up yoga, low and behold months later I was able to have my first son Hunter :).


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