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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am starting my first IVF cycle, what should I know ?

Look before you leap – select a good IVF clinic !

Knowledge is strength – learn a lot about the IVF process- this will help you to get the best treatment possible. Ignorance is not bliss – and it’s not true that a little knowledge is dangerous !
Do not count your chicken before they hatch – do not raise your hopes too high – please have realistic expectations !
Do not give up too soon – IVF needs a few attempts before you are successful, so please be patient. 60 % women find success within 3 IVF cycles.
Give and take respect – Trust and respect the IVF doctor and the clinic staff you have selected . Do not look at your doctor as a money-mongering professional. Having a good doctor-patient relationship is very important if you want to go through your IVF journey successfully.
Cultivate emotional resilience – IVF is not for the weak hearted ! 
If "PLAN A" doesn't work out don't worry, you still have 25 letters left !   Always have a Plan B; there is no guarantee your IVF journey will end in a baby ! Hence, deciding beforehand what to do if your IVF does not succeed will protect you from lots of heart aches. 

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  1. If you are about to undergo IVF or simply considering it as a way forwards, then there are a number of preparatory steps you can take which will boost your chances of success. Things to help with IVF include trying alternative therapies, stress management, understanding the stages of the procedure and, of course, changing your diet.

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