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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sharing your infertility journey can help others !

" Hi Manju, I have also gone through infertility. It took 4 long and heartbreaking years including 4 iuis and 4 ivf cycles. Along with the support of dear friends and hospital staff, your blog kept me.going. I had two miscarriages during these years. You won't believe it ...My second miscarriage coincided with.your loss.of.twins. When I had the second loss I stopped following your blog. You were pregnant with twins and in my state of mind it was impossible to share your joy. Months later out of.curiosity I accessed your blog.thinking you may have already.given birth to them. I was hear about your loss. And then on the day you announced your.pregnancy on the blog I was also pregnant ...exactly the same nUMBER Of weeks and days!!! Advaith was born just three days after Anisha. I only believed that I could have a healthy baby when I read about Anisha's arrival and it gave me the confidence to approach labor and delivery. I have been tracking her.progress.since then. We seem to have some karmic connection even though you don't know me. CONGRATULATIONS ON MOTHERHOOD AND THANKS.FOR SHARING YOUR STORY. All my love and blessings for your family ".
This is a comment I received recently in one of my blogs. Sometimes , I do wonder whether I was too open about my struggles. Many of my friends have pointed out that I put myself in enormous stress by penning down my emotions. But , when I receive comments like this , I know I was not wrong , after all.   Every human in this word has a story to share  - a story which can give others enormous strength and wisdom , a story which can inspire . Sharing your story is extremely therapeutic for you and for others , too. By sharing your struggles you are making lemonade out of lemons life has thrown at you. By being vocal about your struggles , you are putting them to constructive use - your struggles are no more a mere painful experience ( a destructive force ) ! Your infertility story can assure others who are in a similar situation that they are not alone.
I am so , so thankful to people who reach out to me. It just shows how good people are. All I can say is " THANK YOU ! "

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