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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Is it mother's day or a day to celebrate procreation ?

Yesterday, my mom sent me mother's day wish. I must have been very happy, right ? Unfortunately not ! I realized my mom never sent me a mother's day wish before. Now that I have given birth, my mother thinks I am eligible to receive mother's day wishes ! Not only my mom, most people think so too. I wonder whether what we are celebrating is, mother's day or procreation day ! Isn't there a difference between the two ? Mother's day is celebrated to honour our mother or someone who has taken that place in our heart - to celebrate a person who has shown us unconditional love and cared for us ! We are not celebrating the ability of a woman to give birth;  we are celebrating the nurturing that we receive and received. There are mothers who just carried (reproduced) and there are women who cared irrespective of their ability to undergo biological process of giving birth.  No one has come into this world without a mother and everyone deserves a mother's day wish ! Isn't it a day we must all celebrate irrespective of our own motherhood status ?

After I got married, I crossed several mother's day expecting someone would wish me too. Once a person wished me for mother's day and later apologized for doing so after learning that I do not have a biological child ! I thought, "Stupid, I don't have a child but I have a mother" !

Thank goodness,  I was not active in FB before ! Today, when I saw the feeds in FB, I was astonished to see the flooded messages ! I would have definitely felt very, very alone if I have seen those messages before. And surprisingly, even after having Anisha, I felt an uneasiness spreading within me when I saw those overhyped mother's day messages especially the one's from women who have produced their biological offsprings. Most of them didn't talk about their mother but about themselves - how proud they are to be a mom !

I sincerely wish that there will be a day called procreation day where every women and men could celebrate their victory of producing offsprings. Until then, please include every women and every men too when celebrating mother's day. Remember, no one here is an alien being ! We are all human beings and without doubt everyone has a mother ! Moreover, an infertile women is the best mother in this world as she is already doing a lot physically, emotionally and financially for her prospective child. If people who look down upon women who are infertile understands the strength and determination an infertile women poses, they will be jealous about her.

Happy Mother's Day folks ! Never feel alone and unappreciated on this day. Everyone of us are the best mother in this world. I have a great mother and I am very happy to be a part of today's celebrations. I hope I stay as a good mother too !


  1. I totally hear u is indeed a bittersweet day. I see my flooded Mother's Day TL and all I can think of is how unaware ppl are of other going thru struggles to fit into motherhood. God blessed them with ignorance while he filled us up loads with sensibilities and scars too.

    I am proud that today I did not feel the urge to post a pic with my mom...rather I let myself indulge in her pampering while I nurture this little one inside me :) I think my mom enjoyed it more this way! Win win for both of us :)
    Hope u and Anisha had a wonderful day as well!

  2. Thanks for speaking my mind out. Its so true, we feel so left out and sad on this day.

  3. Hi Manju,

    Thanks for this post. TTC for almost 6years now everytime i used to feel so lonely on this day .Yesterday was even more worse as we were in a birthday part being the odd woman out everyone wished each other but not to me. I wonder if only after giving birth we have motherly feelings. an infertile mom is the best admirer of a child for she can never judge a child being disciplined or not or the child is brought up very without any values causse every child is so special to us. the tears that well up in our eyes when we dont have kids and long to hold a baby makes us no less inferior than the luckly ,blessed mothers who dont know what struggles we undergo.

    I wish God had given us any other poblem than this struggle. Wishing all the women out there a wonderful mothers day everyday :)


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