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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Anisha's First Birthday !

Yes, scientifically speaking, today must be Anisha's first birthday. Exactly today is the day Anisha came into being. On May 3rd, 2014, Dr. Sai selected one of Rajender's sperm and injected into my egg, the result of which is the formation of a new life, a single-celled zygote. That single-celled life is now our daughter Anisha. Everything that happened appears really miraculous. We are thankful for the presence of Anisha everyday. I can answer scientifically how everything happened but I do not have an answer for why everything happened ! Should I just say everything happened due to chance or whether there is a force which we can't easily decipher and explain, working behind the scenes ? I will never know. I would love to write what made all the difference, hopefully soon.

Once again my sincere thanks to Dr. Sai, who is so happy and kind enough to send his blessings for Anisha as soon as I reminded him that this was the day he created Anisha :) My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Malpanis' and their wonderful team for using their scientific knowledge and talent to make Anisha happen.



  1. Happy birthday to Anisha!
    We would really love to hear about what all things made this ivf work and resulted Anisha.

  2. Wow Manju Akka!! Only you could think of this :-) First birthday for Anisha when she is going to be just 4 months old ;-)

    Loads of love and good wishes to our cutie Anisha!! I pray for a bright future for her!!

    As Anisha grows up, her facial features are more distinct. And I have to say, she is just a copy of her dad :-) BTW, I read the second part of your labor story and it was very emotional. As I read through, I felt as if I was just there experiencing everything I read. It is very amazing and I am very happy for all three of you. I loved your ending note very much. I believe it is not an end but a new beginning. You know what.. I exactly thought about this and was thinking whether I should or how I should share this with you in the most benevolent way.. And I am very happy that you thought of this :-) (I hope I understood what you meant)

    I'll write to you soon from my personal email. I love to share with your my family pictures and write a little bit about me :-) so that I can say you know me personally :-)


    1. I will be very happy to hear from you, Sandhya ! You are in a way right about the last line. On the other hand, after I lost my twins, this is the heading I gave to my blog post. I never knew at that time the moments I am experiencing now will come in my life. Thanks so much for all the kindness !

  3. Oh.. one more thing.. You don't have to publish my previous comment if you think that is what you want to do and I totally understand :-)



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