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Friday, December 5, 2014

Some early pregnancy ultrasound pictures

I am fine and so is my little one. I will be completing 33 weeks of pregnancy tomorrow. This week my cervix measured 2.6 cm with a 2 mm funneling. This kind of funneling is very normal at this stage of pregnancy. When the funneling exceeds 5 mm or greater than 25 percent of the entire length of the cervix then it is something to be concerned. So, all looks fine now. After 34 weeks I am allowed to increase my activity levels. I just pray that I carry my little one atleast to 37 weeks.

My blog readers contact me and ask many questions about pregnancy related stuffs like, interpreting their ultrasound pictures, the technical terms used in it and also about NT scans. I must be very honest and say that I am not well-versed enough to explain such intricacies. For gaining knowledge I need to read a lot which I am unable to do now. Writing is becoming difficult; emotionally I feel completely drained out. Even for writing this I struggled for words! I hope things change with time. I am posting few ultrasound pictures of my LO taken during early stages of pregnancy. If you want any help interpreting your ultrasound pictures, this blog will be of great help : www. You can also write to Dr.Malpani, I am sure he will help too. His mail id is You can write to me too, I will try my level best to help as much as my knowledge allows. And, if any of you are wondering about my second name in the scan reports, it is our family name :)

Seventh IVF cycle timeline

Embryo retrieval : May 3rd
Embryo transfer : May 8th
First positive pregnancy test : May 15th
First ultrasound : At 7 weeks

7 week ultrasound

8 week ultrasound 


  1. Such sweet pictures Manju. Take care of yourself and the baby! God bless!

  2. Dear Ma'm
    Am really happy for you,I wish and pray for beautiful welcome of Little One.I am feeling like,the most lovely Mom and cutest Baby are going to meet soon,who craved a lot for each other.May Almighty bless both of you with more good luck & happiness.
    And yes after a long long wait,I am also going to meet my Mom this time :) I'm really happy and excited for both of us.

    1. Ashu, have a wonderful time with your mom. Be very happy!

  3. It's really going to happen Manju! I know that dazed feeling all too well. It's weird, because you've spent so long trying to get to this point, yet the current gauntlet makes it hard to see just a few hours into the future. We felt that way when Rani was on bedrest and Ellie was in the NICU for 99 days. When we were just a few weeks from taking her home, we were completely drained, a bit emotionally numb, and experiencing some disbelief as well. Once its all over though you'll be surprised how quickly you settle into happiness :-)

    1. True Dana! People think I will be over the moon. But, reality is not so. Sometimes I feel very guilty for not being as everyone assumes. After such long wait, I am left with only unnecessary panic and disbelief. I am worried to get too happy, I am worried not for being too happy! All I do is to pray that all goes well.

    2. From where I'm standing, there really is very little to worry about at this point. Being a NICU veteran, I never saw a baby at 33 weeks in any peril, and we saw at least 100 go through the NICU in our time. So even if your baby was born right this instant, the hard days would be behind you. However, I totally understand the superstiteous tendencies. After going through SO much and being thwarted SO many times, you can't help but to see a pattern. I was so certain that we'd lose our Ellie, even after she left the level 3 NICU, but in the end, the pattern was broken.

  4. Sweet pics of ur LO. Manju ((hugs)), please dont panic. Everything will be fine and soon you will be sharing the pics of ur LO with us :-). I understand the reason behind ur worries. But believe me, u will complete 37 weeks n beyond n will have healthy LO in ur arms. All our prayers are with u. Do post ur NT scan n anamoly scan reports at ur leisure. May be add to this blog itself. Take care. Lots of luv n good wishes.

  5. Dear Manju,
    How are you and little Anisha?
    God bless her.
    I have few doubts to ask you. As you mentioned somewhere that since you had fibroids, you stopped taking estrogen yourself. I had my first scan after IVF fresh transfer today. Heartbeat was detected and growth was at 6w 4d. But the radiogist said that there was also something besides the gestational sac. Some undesired growth. She wasn't sure if it was fibroids .
    I wanted to ask whether it is okay to stop estrogen ( I am taking 12 mg progynova) by myself. I did IVF from another city so it's not very easy to visit there every time, so thought of taking your insight on this matter.


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