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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I am 30w4d pregnant and in hospital!

Yes, I am 30w4d pregnant. So far so good.

Today morning I came for an ultrasound to measure my cervix. It is 2 cm and my gynecologist saw a little funneling. She sent me immediately to the clinic where I met Dr. E. He is the one who performed my cerclage. He didn't find any funneling but has asked me to take corticosteroid for lung maturation. He dismissed my fears saying, "Oh, you can be still pregnant for another 4 months :)" Whether it is true or not but it eased my fears.

Rajender was very worried when I was asked to stay in the clinic for 5 more days so that they could monitor me and the little one. They took swabs from every opening of my body excluding my ear ;) They will monitor uterus contraction thrice a day. Fortunately I don't have any. They will monitor baby's heart beat too. All is fine until now. I have to have two shots of steroid, one I took today afternoon. Felt warm after the steroid shot, my face appeared flushed. From morning they monitored our little one's heart beat thrice and obviously our LO is very upset. During the last monitoring it kicked the lead which is kept on my tummy to monitor its heart beat vigorously, not once but several times. The nurse was shocked by that forceful kick. She was holding that lead to my stomach :) Tomorrow I will have one more dosage of steroid.

I am in a room where there are four more women. Rajender was upset that he couldn't stay with me :) He was too worried about the steroid shot. He was asking whether our little one will have long hands and legs because of that. I replied I would love to have a tall child :) So, until Monday, I have to be in hospital and if everything goes uneventful I will go home. I will miss cooking for Rajender, he hates cooking. I have spent 90% of my pregnancy, after cerclage, lying down. I cook for 15 minutes and that's it. All other work Rajender does! Our home is spic and span more than a neatly maintained hospital room. Rajender cleans everything with lots of antiseptics and disinfectants :) I will miss home, the calmness and the comfort there. I will miss my husband's constant company. But, I have to miss all this inorder to safeguard our little one.

Write to me. Will be happy to reply whenever I could. It will also keep me engaged. The ladies here are constantly chatting with each other. It is very hard to hear it all the time after being in such a quiet environment for so long :)

I will upload all the ultrasound pictures after I return home. This post contains our little one's picture at 12 weeks taken during NT scan :)

All your prayers and good wishes are most welcome :)


  1. Hi Manju...This is Hema sis in law of soni..Dont worry...These days Doctors are prescribing steroids for lung maturity of baby..Even I had steroids during my pregnancy & did not have any sideeffects...It would increase the chances for ur baby to breathe without support even if they are premature...U r very close towards the safest period of ur pls relax & enjoy ur pregnancy...

    1. Thank you so much Hema! I saw your little one's photo. She is doing great :)

  2. Wow Manju! I'm so glad you have made it to 30 weeks! You and your LO are on your way! Only 10 more weeks to go---- Keep up the good work, Mommy! I have had the steroid shots and I know what that burning feeling is like. It is no fun, but ABSOLUTELY worth it! I attribute a majority of Ellie's lung success to having received that shot.

    Passing the time in the hospital is very difficult. Have lots of books and movies to help. Keep pictures of home to remind you of things which bring you comfort. When I was on bedrest in the hospital Dana printed out pictures of our cats and posed them around the room like they were sitting on pieces of furniture. Every time I would look at it, it made me laugh. :-) Just have anything that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and stress free!
    I also kept a list of affirmations under Ellie's ultrasound picture next to my bed. It helped me through many difficult days and nights. I hope it helps you.

    I love and approve of myself.
    My body knows how to grow this baby.
    I trust my body.
    I love my body.
    I trust our baby.
    This baby chose me to be her mommy.
    We are already great parents.
    I am worthy of being a mother.
    Food is medicine.
    Every hand that touches me is a healing hand.
    I am safe.
    I am calm.
    Our baby is safe.
    Our baby will stay safe inside until the time is right.
    I am pregnant. I. Am. Pregnant.
    I love being pregnant.
    Thank you for the gift of life.
    I am calm and centred. I have nothing to fear.
    Everything is happening just as it should.
    Our baby is strong and healthy.
    Our baby is growing every day.
    It is safe to trust my body.
    I allow my body to easily lead me.
    There is no limit to how deeply I can relax.
    I know that our baby will be born peacefully and safely.
    I am safe.
    All is well and all shall be well.

    Best of luck to you, Rajender, and your wonderful child.


    1. Rani, that's so very kind of you !

      I will print out the affirmation and read it whenever I feel down.

      Thanks once again for all the kindness, it means a lot :)

  3. Take care dear Manju. Just few more days in the hospital n u would be back home. Relax n think of the things that make u happy. May be about ur DH or about ur baby :-). You have come a long way n everything will be just fine. My best wishes n prayers with u.

  4. By the way, Manju, I'm confused about your timeline. Just a few days ago you were talking about getting a cerclage at 15 weeks, but now you are at 30 weeks gestation? I guess I'm just wondering whether "30w4d" is some kind of typo because you also mentioned the doctor saying that you "could be pregnant for another 4 months." By my math, that would be somewhere in the vicinity of 11 months pregnancy total! So am I missing something or do I have no reason to be nervous?

    1. I was telling a story. Didn't I write in past tense always ? :) Poor Manju! :(

      Look at the date of this ultrasound :)

      The doctor said so to make me feel good. He meant, "do not panic, you could easily still can stay pregnant 4 more months" :)


    2. Am I confusing you still more Dana? I shared with you all what happened in the past. Only this post talks about the present. Sorry I thought you understood. Rani did, didn't she ? :)

    3. Lol, don't worry, I'm not confused anymore. I knew that you were talking about the past in your previous posts of the past few months, but I thought they were only a week or two in the past, not 15. That's a big relief.

  5. So Happy and excited for you Manju!!! May God be with you and the little one..

  6. Very happy for u Manju. Just relax n take care of urself n ur lil one.
    Any idea if pomegranate juice or fruit is safe for pregnant women?.

    1. Everything in moderation is safe. I don't understand how pomegranate gained too such an importantance - marketing gimmicks? Any fruit is good. Avoid fruit juices completely, some fruit juices are worse than cola, loaded with sugar. Consuming it is not worth the nutrients present in it. Five different fruit a day is good. Select fruits that are brightly coloured. A bowl containing five different fruit mix is the best to meet the daily requirements. Give importance to locally available fruits. Gooseberry are a rich source of vitamin C and fiber. I crave a lot now and fortunately I get it here. I cut them to small pieces, mix with finely cut onions, add some salt and chilly powder, mix with a teaspoon of coconut oil.....hmmm the smell and taste will be awesome! :)

      A well-balanced diet containing complex carbs, lots of protein (70 g per day for singleton pregnancy, lean meat, eggs and milk are very good sources of protein) and healthy fats (please avoid fat reduced milk and curd, take full fat ones!) are a must. having lots of buttermilk and yoghurt supplies the necessary probiotics.

      The best rule in pregnancy is, do not try to eat for two but try to eat healthy. As many think pregnancy is not a time to yield in for cravings. Pregnancy is the best time and the most important time to eat healthy. Especially south Asians are more prone to gestational diabetes. So from the start it is wise to eat a well- balanced food.

    2. Thanks Manju. This is helpful. I'm from india. I read mixed reviews on the internet for pomegranate. Especially its written pomegranate extracts cause uterine contractions, where as fruit in moderation should be fine. I believe banana n chiku in moderation should also be fine though its high in calorie.
      How r u finding hospital stay now?. Take care.

    3. Hospital stays is ok. I can move around not bed ridden and I am grateful for that, 3 more pregnant women are also there. So watching them is good. But do miss home ofcourse.

    4. Good to know. Is it required to be on bed rest or One has to be lying down on bed after cerclage?. Regarding the fruit, some people even told me dates are not good too as it causes a lot of heat to the body (:- though not sure how true it is.

    5. Do not obsess about what to eat. Look around women around you, if they eat healthy or not, they are having their baby. I will use common sense, I wouldn't gulp down a packet of dates in a day. Four or five dates wouldn't harm anything. Remember, it is too high in sugar, it has very high glycemic index! When consumed in high quantities it can raise insulin levels too much and if you have PCOD I would eat only a couple of dates a day to satisfy sweet tooth.

  7. Saying, "I am so happy for you.." would be the understatement of the year. Celebrate every little kick and inconveniences being in the hospital. It is part of the plot to a very happy ending. Sending love and hugs - MM

  8. I am so happy to read this Manju! BTW did you know the gender of baby?

    Rani...i really loved your affirmations. Thank you for sharing

    1. Gender we know :) Will reveal once the LO greets the world.

  9. Dear Ma'm,
    Am extremely happy for you and little one.I wish you,more good luck and Happiness ahead.I hope and pray for happy,safe and beautiful welcome of baby to the world.
    Sorry,I am replying after long time but all my good wishes are always with you :)

  10. oh, long time no visit ur blog. I am so happy for u. Wishing all the best for u and ur baby. :))

  11. What a ride Manju! Keep going! You can do it!! ((((Hugsss))))) God bless you both!!

  12. Hi Manju!! Yay!! Glad you have made it this far uneventfully. Goal is not too far lady! Stay put, be happy. All will be well. God is listening to all our prayers. He will do you good. Sorry for the delayed post. I thought I had posted a comment few days ago. God knows whatever happened to it. My smart phone is making me dumb i guess. Are you back home or still in the hospital? Hows weather in Germany? Watched any good romantic or funny movies of late? Take care :). Love, Anjani. Btw, Rani's affirmation note is very good! Thanks for posting it Rani. All the best to you too.

    1. Anjani, thanks a lot! I came home on Monday.

      No problem at all. I am sure I will be in your thoughts so no need to write bit down here.

      Weather - cold and dark. But I go only for doctor appointments, so that's ok. Romantic movie...not my cup of tea :) Comedy movie...really no mood for that. Actually, no mood for movies at all. I don't know how my time goes, it just passes away. I sleep in the afternoons. Then Rajender comes. We watch a reality singing competition held for children. That's the only thing I watch. I read books, browse internet. I am not even writing, I am not sure what I am doing :(

      Everyday I think of writing something, want to write something for my LO, but, I am very afraid of getting emotional, I cry a lot nowadays! :)

    2. I totally understand you dear Manju. But believe us h have crossed a major path n everything is fine. Be calm n think of ur LO.
      Im 12 weeks preg n had a spotting episode today. Saw patches of crinone discharge in brown. Was scared, immediately went for a scan. Everything was fine on scan. Dont know what caused it. Hoping everything will be alrightm

    3. Bleeding can be scary but mostly harmless. Drink lots of water and rest when you have such episodes. Are you pregnant with twins?

    4. Yes Manju. I have twins. Trying to rest too. But its worrisome. But scan shows everything fine with babies n cervix. Dont know if its crinone irritating my cervix.

    5. I agree it will be worrisome. Try your level best to divert your mind. Remember, most twin pregnancies go well without any problem. Make sure to attend all the doctor appointments without missing. Drink lots of water. Eat healthy; lots of protein is very good. May God be with you and your LOs. I am sure you will have your precious little ones in your hands safely.

    6. Thank you so much Manju. I wish n pray everything is fine at ur end too. My best wishes n love to ur LO. Its been a long, do post a blog. May be on the scan reports or share ur experience of the later stages. This would be very educative for us. How r u doing?. Is ur mom coming to ur place during delivery?. Take care. God bless u n ur LO.

    7. Manju, my RE has told me to stop crinone n estrogen supplement at 12 weeks?. Is that fine for twin pregnancy?. Does twin pregnancies need support of these hormones for more than 12 weeks?.

    8. I think it's fine to do as your doctor suggested.

  13. Manju believe me you are in the safest period of your pregnancy..There is nothing else to be afraid of..You are ready to hit 33rd week too..Moreover
    with the steroids & cerclage you had it is 95% probable that your baby will have a safe landing..Dont worry too much..I know abt your journey from day one but you have overcome all of them..Just forget everything & dream abt how your baby would look like..Be happy that you are going to have a beautiful baby very shortly..Take care..

    1. Thanks Hema! That's very kind of you.

      My crying spells vary for different reasons. Might be all the hormones!

  14. Dearest Manju
    I am so very happy to read your blog after a long time, the news is even sweeter. To be frank I didn't have the guts to console you or to write you earlier, I was scared that its going to increase your pain of loss. You have cried enough Manju, stay strong and wait for the little angel's arrival, its the time to be happy and vibrant. I am glad and thankful to God. I can imagine anna's happiness, excitement and more than that his fear. For a person like you and him, God will always shower His blessings abundantly. Be strong and happy. I feel bad that I am not there to look after you when needed, but you will always be there in my prayers Manju.......Always.
    Who is your favourite singer this season :-).
    My love and hugs to you.
    Take lots of care.


    1. Koki, I am so happy to hear from you. Hope you are doing fine.

      I will never forget the day when you came to our home, held my hand and silently cried with me. Thank you so much for sharing my grief! It was a very hard time and you helped me to decrease my pain atleast a bit.

      Thanks for all the wishes! Please do pray for us. Rajender conveyed his wishes to you. We could never forget the times we spent together. Be in touch. Mail me or Rajender.



  15. I like Spoorthy Koki. Ungaluku?


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