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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two week wait (2ww) prayer

Dear God,

Please grant me the strength …

To take one day at a time
To refrain from obsessing about each twinge and ache I experience in my body
To be kind to myself
To enjoy the wondrous mystery of the 2ww
To understand the difference between healthy hope and unhealthy expectation
To accept success and failure as if they are one and the same
To preserve my original self amidst all this craziness
To abstain from hurting others during my stressful times
To hide my pain and wear a smile on my lips always …
To use my pain to grow even better without getting bitter
To stay positive so that my loved ones remain happy and tranquil
To be serene amidst all the uncertainity
To be content for all my blessings
To be grateful for the blessings I possess
To bear the disappointment in my partner’s face if the result is negative
To understand life is not all about winning but about trying
To accept that life can be very unfair at times
To realize that many others have to bear much more pain than I have to
To love and appreciate life even more ...
To hold on to hope yet have the wisdom to know when to quit
To trust that whatever the outcome, I will emerge a stronger and a better person
To gain the ability to achieve peace of mind that I did my best

And .....

If the pregnancy test turns out to be positive ...

Let me have the goodness to accept my blessing with humility
To hope for the best yet be prepared for the worst
And to continue to live life with utmost gratitude

With love,


  1. great prayer direct from core of Heart,may this be accepted

  2. It is a beautiful sentiment; I hope the last part of this is the one that will be relevant for the coming months.

    Best of luck!

    1. Jay, thanks ! Haven't tested yet - I am such a coward. I feel happy this way.

  3. Manju, I am a coward too. Few days before the pregnancy test, I have always wanted to run away from civilization and live in a far away jungle :). I dreaded facing the


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