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Monday, February 27, 2012

My eggs and his sperms can make love only in a petridish!

I am really, really sorry for them because they will miss their natural love making environment ;) I am sure they enjoy their costly honeymoon which we arrange using professional help, in a petridish, inside a cozy incubator. Hope those little love stories will become our baby one day :). The topic of this post says about the reason for my infertility. Yes, my fallopian tubes are damaged! I had hydrosalpinx in my left tube. My right tube is non-functional due to adhesions. But I had no clue that I had an infection. There was nothing I could remember. I never suffered from high fever. I never had pelvic pain. My menstrual cycles were normal and mostly without pain. So how it all happened? I wish I could answer this question but the truth is I can never find out. The medical professionals ruled out Chlamydia and TB. I was very afraid when the doctor who performed left salpingectomy on me said ‘since you are from India, the chances are high that it might be a TB infection’. The first question I aksed my DH when I woke up from anaesthesia ‘Is it a TB infection?’ When I heard a ‘NO’ from him I felt several times better. But little did I know at that point that it is a start of an emotional roller-coaster ride which I would dread and enjoy at the same time.

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