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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remembering Raji aka 'Miri' of Peppermill

Today morning I opened my foodblog. I found a post by my fellow food blogger which is dedicated to Miri of Peppermill. I learned that Miri passed away on February 13th. To tell the truth I did not know Miri before. I could see a photo of Miri aka Raji Shanker. She looked young. Out of curiosity I tried to gather more information about her and that is how I discovered this brave woman. When you visit her food blog you could see lots of mouth-watering recipes. But Raji suffered from an illness where she could eat only few table spoons a day! She had a condition called mega duodenum. She lost her mother too to the same disease when she was five years old. You can read the article she wrote about her illness here. Her friend described her as a positive, brave, strong, indefatigable and happy woman. By her posts I understand that she has a little daughter and her life revolved around that little one. There were no signs of the suffering she underwent in any of her post. After reading about her I sat with my eyes full of tears for a friend whom I never knew. RIP Raji! You are a source of great inspiration for me. I love you and I pray God to give your family enough courage to continue their life without you. I would also like to remember Dr B whom she mentioned in her write-up in Tehelka magazine. Some people like him make this world a better place to live in!

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