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Monday, July 11, 2016

Detox your way to IVF conception

I went through a website which is very popular among infertile women. They offer nutrition and exercise advice ; sell imagery CDs - which they claim , " they are as powerful as fertility drugs " ; and moreover , they offer emotional support. So , it's a complete package - and , it's completely natural ! They call it as natural fertility treatment. How I wish I could start something like that - who doesn't want to earn money !
Their website is full of word play - you get nothing useful from there until you pay money. And even if you pay , I wonder , what you will get out of it ! But nevertheless , they are very famous and have many glorious testimonies to their credit !
Let me come to the point - how to detox your body ? Before that , let me ask you some questions :
1. Do you have a very stressful life ?
2. Don't you eat organic food ?
3. Do you eat genetically modified food ?
4. Do you use lots of chemicals at home - shampoos , cleaning and washing lotions , soaps , etc., ?
If your answer is 'yes' for the above questions , it clearly shows you have poisoned your holy body ! This is the reason why so many diseases exist in modern world - from cancer to infertility ! It's a punishment imposed on humans for going against nature. Your body has accumulated so much of toxins - as a result , your ovaries have stopped functioning properly ; your embryos haven't implanted because your uterus is not embryo friendly as a result of all the toxins it has accumulated over the years ! If you could get rid of these toxins , you get your fertility back !
On reading the above , how many of you feel scared ? How many of you feel guilty ? How many of you are wondering what I can I do to get rid of the toxins ? This fear and guilt you feel is the raw material for many peoples' business - and unfortunately , many fall as prey for such scams , yes , scams !
Why do people believe such scams ? The foremost reason is , they lack knowledge about how human body works. Next comes the glorious advertisements and testimonials they see , read and hear - and ,  when it comes from a friend or doctor they trust , they easily fall for it.  The third is , when they meet a person who claims that treatments like detoxification works , and sells it too , they get carried away by their bedside manners - their promises , concern , care , consideration , reassurance and sympathy can feel like an oasis in their desperate attempt to hold on to hope and faith. As a result , many turn out to be loyal customers even if the treatment doesn't lead to what they wanted - they will find ways to suppress their rational part of the brain , because , all they remember is how emotionally pampered they are when going through such treatments. They stay loyal forever irrespective of the outcome !
Our body has amazing ability to remove any harmful substances that enters in. Organs like liver , kidney , skin , lungs , etc ., work to remove all the waste products that form in our body as a result of digestion and metabolism. The detoxification programmes claim that they help your body to eliminate wastes ( toxins ) better by making your liver and kidneys function better. They sell several herbs  and supplements for the same - and , what attracts people most is the word ' NATURAL .' Unfortunately people fail to understand that natural doesn't mean it is without unpleasant side - effects ; natural doesn't mean it's free of harmful chemicals ; natural doesn't mean it's safe. Actually , the herbs , herbal cocktails , vitamins and other supplements sold by them doesn't have FDA approval. This means ,  they are not checked for the ingredients they claim that it contains ; they are not checked for appropriate dosages - and hence there is no guarantee for their safety or efficacy. As a result , they can actually prove to be much harmful than you might imagine ! You are in danger of not only loosing your hard- earned money but also your precious health. You can't enhance your liver or kidney's ability to clear wastes. If your kidney and liver function tests are normal , they are working just fine. Just because your liver and kidney cleans your body's metabolic wastes , doesn't mean they accumulate toxins and slowdown in function  ! You do not have to detoxify  them regularly in order for them to work properly.
Organic food doesn't means it's pesticide free. Produce that are not organic is perfectly OK to consume after washing them ( of course you have to wash the organic produce , too ) . By consuming them you are not accumulating toxins in your body ! Organic food is definitely not more nutritious - it is just more costly ! Genetically modified food is not poison. No one will get cancer by consuming them , nor do they carry toxins ! Genetically modified foods don't deserve the negative propaganda they are receiving by the people who really don't care to understand how genetic engineering works ! I have learnt from some infertility forums that some patients' IVF doctors have insisted that they go organic and remove all chemicals from their lives ! How unreasonable such suggestions are ! How easily doctors too fall for cognitive biases ! Or , is it a strategy they ploy to blame their patients' life style for the IVF failure ?
Just like , you can't detox your way to IVF conception , you can't use your visualization power to bring on a powerful ovulation ; you can't use imagery CDs to make your egg quality better ; you can't make your embryo stick by imagining that they are doing so ! If it works so , majority of us don't need an infertility doctor.
So , why so many patients swear by the efficacy of such unscientific practices ? The answer is simple , those websites provide enormous emotional support. They give you so much personal attention and reassurance , provided , you pay them ! When we are going through a difficult journey , we all need someone to hold our hands and say that all will be well and we can get through it ; we need real life examples , real life success stories ;. and moreover ,  we need someone with whom we can can confide our fears , insecurities , hopes and dreams. They offer all this ,  and much more. I feel they work like a cult with their own unscientific doctrines and principles. They know how exactly to brainwash their customers. Since , infertility is an emotionally  stressful and tiring journey , we easily fall for their promises. Infertility makes us emotionally vulnerable. Many of us lack proper support system when infertility strikes - it is still a taboo in many parts of the world. All these factor earns a lot of customers for such quacks.
When you find yourself getting lost in the stress of infertility , please try to do the following :
Educate yourself about your problem scientifically - this will help you to build realistic expectations , it will also strengthen your hope and make you confident.
Have an open mind and have alternate plans  - don't get desperate for success !
Build proper support system - your family ,  online infertility forums and your doctor can play a major role in keeping you sane and hopeful , amidst the enormous stress.
Please do not waste your emotional and financial energy by believing in quackery ! You can ask me , " If , what they offer makes me feel better , if I find solace there , why not follow it ? "  The problem here is ,  people who sell such ' alternative therapies ' claim that it can make you conceive or make you fit for conception , which is totally false. They are promoting something which is not scientific and trying to make a business out of it by playing with your emotions.  I understand that we need to find a middle path - but , middle path doesn't mean you need to mix delusion and reality and end up with heart ache when the treatment doesn't work ! Mixing placebo sugar solution and real medicine isn't going to enhance the medicine's effect , it can even make the medicine ineffective - that's not the real middle -path ! Many a time , alternative therapies distracts you from your real goal.  The real middle path is , understanding your problem , working on what you can really improve scientifically and let go of things what is not in your hands ( for example , if your ovarian reserve is exhausted and your ovaries are no more responding to drugs ! ) - instead of repeatedly hitting the dead end and wasting your physical , financial and emotional energy. When you hold on to false promises and hopes for support , when you fall , you fall really hard - the pain will be enormous. When you hold on to reality , even if it is bitter to accept , when you fall , you do so gracefully - the pain will be lot lesser and you will spring back to action very soon.


  1. Your statements are not entirely true. If they are certified organic then they are pesticide free atleast in USA. While it may not be feasible for everyone to buy organic, organic food is definitely better and more nutritious than food that has been sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides have hormone disruptors, and have known carcinogenic properties

    1. Absolutely false !

      Can you show me scientific studies to substantiate your statements ? I can :)

    2. These are the lines from USDA " Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics. USDA organic standards describe how farmers grow crops and raise livestock and which materials they may use "

      So , this shows you are not well aware of organic farming. They do use pesticides - naturally occurring ones ! The problem is , natural doesn't mean safe ! Please read , read and read ! Whatever you have said above is not true !


  2. I stand corrected for the fact that I didn't know about the USDA organic produce having natural pesticides. I buy my produce from the local farmers market and I always enquire if their farm is pesticide free and most of them in my area and that is exactly what the article you linked says. Know where your produce comes from. What you have written in your blog is not correct. Organic is more nutritious just by the fact that it doesn't contain pesticides and hence better for the body. You are implying that organic is just a waste of money which is not going to be of any use. Forget about the supermarket produce, I have a garden where I cultivate few crops and I don't use any pesticides or fertilizers and I eat my own produce which may not be certified organic but is far far better than the supermarket produce containing pesticides. I know that this is not feasible for everyone. Anyone who wants to eat better needs to be diligent about what they put into the body. Why should we not remove chemicals from our life? Do it if it is feasible. You are simply telling everyone that there is no use trying to be healthy which is simply not true

    1. You must know this phrase " Dose makes the poison ". Water when consumed in excess can kill us.

      In USA , the non - organic produce are controlled for the presence of pesticide residues and made sure they are within permissible amounts. It's great that you have the privilege of eating produce from your backyard - that's the only real organic , make sure to check the soil though - they might be harboring certain fungus , bacteria or virus which are toxic :) Sorry , jokes apart , you can eat organic , but that doesn't make you more healthy than others who don't. That doesn't make you more fertile or give an added advantage to your health. I have seen people who worked with pesticides even without using proper protective measures living to hundred. I can show you people eating only organic food dying of cancer.

      Cancer ( since you have mentioned it ) is altogether a different story. Tobacco , alcohol ( smoking bio tobacco and bio alcohol doesn't help though :) , aflotoxins ( naturally occuring ! ), unhealthy lifestyle ( not eating organic is not considered unhealthy as per science ! ) and obesity are the major causes of cancer. Another important risk factor for getting cancer is your genetics.

      Please do not say organic foid is nutritious and more healthy ! Studies don't show that there is difference in the nutrition content of both.

      I am not saying trying to be healthy is not of any use. You are connecting eating organic with being healthy , that's very unfair ! I am saying it is a false statement which has no scientific support to it !

      Staying healthy is very important. Eat wisely , don't binge eat , enjoy variety of healthy food like fruits , vegetables and lean meat. Don't smoke , drink within permissible limits - that's the definition of healthy eating :) And again , healthy eating unfortunately cannot make our ovaries younger :)


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