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Monday, August 3, 2015

Anisha is six months old !

Anisha is six months old, going to be seven soon. This month, she has reached some great developmental milestones. She hasn't started to crawl yet. I think she is a bit lazy, like me. She is happy to be in our hands and expects us to do what she wants - to pick her toys and keep it near her, and so on. In this way, she doesn't have to do much of the moving. But yes, she does try to get moving when lying down. She raises her front and back, and then instead of moving forward she moves backwards a couple of steps :) I think, soon she will be crawling and I have to run behind her. I can't wait for that day.
She has started to take solid foods, but, still her main nutrition is mother's milk. I give her almost everything - from idly to meat and liver. She doesn't prefer fruits, anything sweet makes her to gag.
I think, I have an angry little one. When she wants to say no to food, once her stomach gets full, she grunts. That means I must stop feeding. This grunting applies to many other things too. It just means - "stop that, won't you !"
She has started to talk - I mean, to babble. It feels like she is talking. When she gets up early in the morning (at 4'o clock) and start to babble and play, believe me, my heart just melts, however tired I may be. Now, when watching rhymes, she babbles with it too.
Her dad is her playmate, a person who appears too funny. Whatever he does, she giggles, giggles and giggles. Even if he bends, that's something very amusing for her. She eagerly waits for her dad's arrival from work.
I am her love. Or, I wonder, whether she is afraid of someone stealing her milk when she is away from me ;) She wants to be in my hands all the time, and this behavior is more pronounced in the evenings. Even if she is in her dad's hand, if she sees me entering the room, she wants to come to me. How good it feels to be someone's priority !
Her fear of strangers is still there. This weekend, she cried and cried when one of our friends picked her up. I am happy in a way. As she grows, I don't want that she goes to strangers, I don't want that everyone holds her. 
That's how Anisha is nowadays.
I agree, I haven't done much justice to my blog. But, I am working on something else whenever I find time, I will soon let you know about it. It's all about infertility support ! And, I need all your support for that.
I hope, I am not hurting anyone by talking much about motherhood.  You will all understand my joy and ecstasy if you know my journey to get Anisha. And moreover, when I lost my twins, I hopped from blog to blog looking for little ones' pictures, especially IVF or surrogacy baby pictures, to find some hope. That helped me to keep my faith strong. I hope Anisha's pictures does help some of you in a similar way.
I do reply to e-mails. Please do write to me if you have any questions; answering your queries keeps me happy too when I feel really worthless and depressed. 


  1. Hey Manju, don't apologise for talking about your little darling. Most of us visiting your site, have been reading up on Anisha's journey even before she was a follicle! So it is a joy to see the updates of her growing up and her milestones. It is amazing she has come from that three week wait scan to this bouncy little angel. Good luck in your next project. Much love to all you - MM

    1. That's very kind of you, MM ! Thanks :)

      Next project - I am scared to even think of it ! Why am I not blessed with the happiness of natural conception :'(

  2. Anisha is very cute...Manju. Thanks for sharing pics.


  3. Manju, your baby looks cute. You are indeed lucky and Anisha is more lucky to have such a wonderful mom like you!

    I have a question for you. During the 2ww, did you experience any cramps or night sweats? If one does not experience such things, does it mean that implantation has not happened?

  4. Hi Manju,

    Just came across your blog. Your lil girl is just precious, I could bite those cheeks! You are right, blogs like yours which chronicle journeys from trying times of IVF and miscarriages to successful pregnancies and healthy babies help people like me to have faith and courage. Thank you :)


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