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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Anisha is 5 months old !

Time flies by, our little one is growing fast. Anisha is fine and so are we. She has started to roll over exactly at four and half months. She has to try so hard to achieve it and she was practicing the skill whenever she is lying down. One fine day, she rolled over and was happy, happy. The way she looked at me proudly, after achieving the feat, will remain etched in my heart always.

One thing that worries me is, nothing entertains her more than Chu Chu TV rhymes.  Recently, I could see how involved she is in those cartoon characters by her facial expressions. She even smiles when her favorite rhyme appears on screen. She thoroughly enjoys it. I try to be a good mom and entertain her as much as I can. I take her out, show her flowers and plants. I try to read her books and play with her. But, there are times when I have to do house hold work and I then leave her in her comfort chair with rhymes on. I hope it doesn't hurt her in any way. If anyone of you have any suggestions please let me know !

Breast feeding continues. After crossing four months, she started to take feed more often than before. That took a toll on my nipples again; now they are cracked at the tip. It does pain, but, not as worse as it was in the beginning. I thought, Anisha will start to sleep long stretches as she ages, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. She still wakes up two times every night for feeding. I tried giving her solid food. But she wants only milk and  she is satisfied with it. Hopefully, after six months, this trend changes. I can't wait to feed her different foods and understand her tastes.

She has started to let me know that she needs me and searches for me when I am not around. Yesterday, I went out to throw the garbage. She was in her dad's hand. She saw me leaving. When I entered few seconds later, the reaction in her face was precious. She was surprised, her eyes were wide open and was so happy to see me. She was trying to catch my attention with a broad smile as if she was trying to say, "oh, you are here again !"

She now catches things and moves them here and there. She wants me nearby all the time, especially, when sleeping at night. She wakes up even if I am not nearby her for a few minutes. I, on the other hand, will never be able to sleep alone without her nearby. Sometimes she prefers to sleep on my chest and at times I take her and keep her on my chest even if she is sleeping nearby. I don't know who is spoiling who, but, I do whatever it feels good for her and for me - a typical me who follows the heart more than my brain !

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something else - we have moved to a new city ! This place is awesome, satisfies all my dreams of living in a country side. The last two pictures are from the place where we live now. This place is famous for wine making and what you see on the slopes is vineyards.

Life has changed a lot and I understand it will continue to. I am ready for changes, but, let every change bring with it lots of happiness for Anisha. That's my only prayer nowadays. I hope every one of you are doing good. When I receive e-mails like, 'I want an Anisha too', 'Anisha gives us hope', 'Anisha is like our niece', 'I come to your blog to see Anisha', I am so much humbled. Thanks for all the love !

Again, if I haven't replied to anyone of you, I am really sorry ! Shifting to new place has taken lots of my time and I was not feeling that great for sometime now. I will definitely get back to you soon.

As usual, some of Anisha's snaps below :

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