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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Anisha is 3 months old !

Anisha is doing good and so am I. I am still breastfeeding. I got my menstrual cycle exactly 3 months after delivery eventhough I am breafeeding Anisha on demand. Night feeding has gone down drastically as she is sleeping long stretches and that might have triggered my body to resume ovulation. My tummy is back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Now I have gained a bit more weight because of over indulging in food. I give breastfeeding as an excuse for that :) I have no stretchmarks, that's surprising because my mom and sister have!

Anisha is thriving. Some people say she resembles me and some say she resembles Rajender. I just wish she could have eyes that resemble mine. She is really cute, doesn't mean she has perfect features but she definitely has a killer cuteness which I haven't seen in many children. Her smile just melts me. When I look into her eyes I loose myself and my heart fills with joy, a pure, untainted joy. The hormones which create the mother-child bonding are doing their job perfectly.  Please bear with me if I appear insanely addicted to her ! Yes I am and my hormones are to be blamed. 

She is reaching her developmental milestones much quicker. She recognizes us and could differentiate her caregivers from strangers. She was crying seeing our friends and became calm when we took her back from them. Yesterday she was so startled by the sound of pressure cooker and it took a long time for us to pacify her. She tries to communicate with us using soft coos and babblings. It appears super cute.

All I feel is extreme thankfulness for Almighty and all the forces which gave us Anisha. I just wish everyone's wish for a baby come true. If I could have a baby everyone else could too.


  1. Omg so cute. She has become chubbier.
    These pics seem to capture all her emotions.

  2. She definitely is a cutebug! Sorry to say but i see all rajendra in her :) maybe the next one will take after you :) :)
    God bless u guys

    1. don't have to be sorry to say that. Thanks ! How are you ?

    2. Hey i am good gods grace a little one is growing inside me as well :) just waiting fir the last 7 weeks to pass as quickly as it can! Will keep you posted. Do keep us in ur prayers.

    3. Oh my, that's a great, great news ! My hearty congratulations :) Have a very, very happy pregnancy and a healthy little one in hand. Ofcourse you are in my prayers ! Please do write to me when you feel like !

  3. As you rightly said, Anisha sure has a killer cuteness. Her expression in the last picture is priceless :-)


  4. Very cute..muah..

  5. Oh so cute and such a poser...-MM


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