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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

With Amma and Appa :)

Couldn't resist sharing this ! :)


  1. Beautiful pics Manju. Anisha looks exactly like Rajender!

  2. Thanks Nio ! She looks like me. Big forehead, eyes with long lashes, eyebrow shape, lips and chin - just like me ! If not anything, I want her eyes to look like mine. Since the features are so small now, they are not discernible. I have heard 99 % of mothers say that their newborn is like their husband. I understand the psychology behind that ;). Since Anisha is born out of IVF there is no chance for doubts or confusion ;). Might be I am a bit narcissistic, that's why I want my daughter to be like me :)

  3. Baby Anisha is very cute n has the best of u two. God bless you all.

  4. Anisha is very cute and the smile is endearing.

  5. Anisha is so lovely! What a charming smile.

  6. She is absolutely adorable Manju!! Just look at those cheeks (hugs!!)

  7. Oh look at that cute little happy face! <<< Soft baby cheek pinches >>> Expression on proud parents priceless too - Love MM

  8. Anisha is very cute.
    I want to ask a doubt lingering in my brain from quite some time.
    I am going through IVF and would like to ask about the techniques used by ivf clinics to ensure that correct embryos are transferred to the patient..i mean what they do to avoid swapping of embryos as at a Time more than one transfer is performed.
    How can we be assured that child resulting from IVF is ours only?
    And is the technique same across all ivf clinics?
    Sorry I am asking this here as I am afraid to ask this at my clinic.

    1. I know that they have several means to make sure that the embryos doesn't get mixed. But, no idea how. Accidents can happen and have happened but very rarely. If it happens and if the patient could prove it via genetic testing or paternity testing then the IVF clinic is doomed forever. So, they are very careful. You must not be afraid to ask your clinic. They will have to show and explain you everything, a good clinic will do so.

  9. Dear Manju Akka,

    I am very glad to see your updates. This week has been hectic at work and I couldn't find time to write to you. I will as soon as I can :-)

    BTW, I couldn't resist commenting on these pictures. Anisha is such a cutie doll!! What a precious smile! Her chubby cheeks makes me want to pinch my screen :)) Do that for me akka (of course very gently) My hugs and kisses!! I always keep her on my prayers.

    She is a perfect mixture of you both.. She got the best from her mom and dad ;-) You both look great too!


  10. Manju Akka - I just now read one of your comments about you wanting your daughter to look like you. I admit I too would want my daughter (if I have one) to look just like me :-) My husband too wants a mini copy of me in our daughter. So, you are not alone ;-)



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