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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr !

Hi everyone,
I am updating my blog after a long, long time. We will be in India until today morning. Six months have gone by so fast and taking this long break is the best decision we took in our life. It helped us a lot to heal, to pick ourselves up and move on. I have so many things to update, especially, our six months adventure filled with several ups and downs.  Our journey this  past 6 months is truly incredible. So stay tuned for the updates :) And I really, really missed blogging. If I haven't replied to any of your e-mails please bear with me ! I will definitely get back to you. 

Today is my Dr’s birthday, a person whom I admire and respect a lot. I wish him a very long, healthy life filled with lots of joy and happiness! I now know him for more than 3 years. My infertility journey has become a lot easier because of his constant encouragement and support. There were moments when I was completely shattered, lost all hopes and was in the grip of fear and depression.  He is the most important person who helped me get through all that by his strong presence.
As I have always mentioned, this blog is the result of his constant help and encouragement.  Without this blog I would have been a very different person. This blog helped me a lot to stay stronger and to become a better human too.
Thank you so much Dr for the constant support, for being there for us during our very difficult time, for bearing lot of my pestering, for being very patient with me, for being my 'Guru',  for the wonderful medical care we receive and more than everything for being so kind, compassionate and empathetic ! I will always keep in mind what you say always : "Never hurt anyone even unintentionally" :)
May you have a very happy and blessed birthday !


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  1. Belated birthday wishes dear Dr. Wishing you many more. Regards. Anjani


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