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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pray for Ellie

Dear friends,

Today morning I received this comment from Dana. I know Dana and Rani for quite sometime now and was heart broken to see his message. Below is the message :

"Hello Manju, I still think about you quite often and, recently, even more so. It seems our trajectories have been so similar in the past, so much so that I was fearing that our recent IVF pregnancy might tumble into the same pitfalls as yours. Sadly, a few days ago, it did. Our little girl was born at 24 weeks, just barely into viability, and she's struggling in the NICU.

I remember you once told me I should start a blog and I didn't see how I could find enough thoughts or words for it. Now, they are spilling out like a fountain, so I started one after all.

Maybe its not the kind of thing you should be reading right now, but if you would like, it is here: 

Please pray for Little Ellie and her parents ! Three months have gone since I lost my little ones. Dana's message has triggered lots of memories that I try to keep suppressed within me.  Whoever reads this post please show your support to them with your kind message. Every kind word will bring a lot of solace to the parents. I really wish Ellie beats all the odds and turn into a healthy little young one.

About us : We are doing fine. We are in India on a break. The warm sun and the love we receive from our loved ones has eased our pain a lot. I smile as usual, enjoy all the worldly pleasures (I didn't think I will be able to do so three months ago), I am quite happy. Time is a great healer and fortunately our brain forgets all the pain quick enough leaving only the scars. Scars don't pain as much as a raw wound. What will happen if the wound remains raw always - no one will survive adversity ! The end result of all we went through is : myself and my husband enjoy a better relationship, I am able to take in happiness even better, I am very, very thankful for all my blessings. If I have to mention the negatives too, we don't have our children, don't have a job, don't have a home - I had everything three months ago ! Life is a mystery and is too beautiful with its uncertaininty, only we must learn to enjoy it :)

Our journey to have a little one continues. I am not going to stop following my dream but haven't decided yet which way to a baby. I believe that the fear of losing is much worser than the loss itself. If I worry about suffering and loss I can never pursue my dream. If I stop following my dream, my life will cease to have a meaning. We are planning for the future and I am happy that we still have a chance to do so !



  1. Praying for Ellie and her parents. May everything gets okay soon.
    My best wishes with you too Manju, may you find success in whatever you decide for the future. May all your wishes come true.

  2. Thank you, Manju, for mentioning out blog. I'm very glad, also, to see that you've picked up the pen, again. I'll be revisiting very often!

  3. I pray for ellie and her parents that God the father will surround her with his strenght to fight on and pull through, and that the parents may feel God's love and draw from his well of strenght. I pray for them that they will not give up and find Joy in the miracle of life.

    Manju, am so glad you are recovering and posting again. I pray for you for God to guide you and streghten you with His might and love and pwer so that you dont give up.

  4. Heartfelt prayers for the li'l Ellie and her parents,may Almighty bless everyone!

    Feeling relieved to hear about you,doing well,wishing more Happiness and Fortune ahead.You are truly a great Soul,an Inspiration for all those who are struggling in either way,Stay blessed and Be Happy!

    1. My dear little one, I expected a new year wish from you and .... :) Where were you ?

  5. My Dear,
    I am really sorry,I had Exams on New Year so was away from Internet.Wishing a Belated Happy New Year to you,infact I wish may you enjoy every single day of your life.
    Now my vacations are going on,so checked your Blog.I always pray for your well-being and Happiness,feeling much Happier & relieved that you are fine,doing well.
    You are in India,so how is life going on ?

  6. May god give a long healthy life to little ellie.....

    Manju u r a role model to many.... u Vl get ur little ones back soon I m sure..


  7. Manju dear,
    Glad to hear from you. You encourage me so much. Yes time heals! And I'm very happy you're happy and your beauty radiating as usual(saw your recent pix on my Gmail)
    I truly pray for Ellie. .. and her parents. I was once in that position(mine occurred at 23weeks
    and 5days). I wish her a speedy recovery! and pray for more grace to her entire family.


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